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My Favorite Actresses and Why They Are My Queens

I’m not sure why, but movies and cinema have been heavy on my mind recently, and I’ve really been digging the nostalgia they bring to the table.  Last week, I talked about what throwback movies I can’t get enough of and have brought me joy recently, and I want to talk about some actresses that really just make me want to move to California and become a movie star. Will Smith, Joaquin Phoenix and Cillian Murphy need to move over today because today we are talking about my favorite actresses of all time.

She’s funny, she’s serious and she has done everything from a sultry Burlesque movie to starring in one of the biggest Disney movies of all time. My first actress I adore is Kristen Bell. I have to admit, I only ever discovered her when I watched Frozen, but since then, her wit and charm have had me hooked! I then started watching Gossip Girl, and though she did not appear in the show but only once, her voice was more of a character than some of the people on the show (not to name names but *cough* Jenny *cough* *cough*).  And then came the moment that I truly appreciated Bell’s work, and that was when I started watching The Good Place. Every time I see Bell in a movie or TV show or game on ‘Ellen’, I become more and more of a fan. Kristen also does a lot of charity work for organizations around the country.

Vera Farmiga has become one of my favorites, if not my favorite actress from the moment I watched Bates Motel. Her presence and energy she gave off as Norman’s mother was incredible and really had the audience believing in her character. She takes on whoever she is playing and imitates walking a mile in their shoes better than almost anyone in the industry, and she captivates you with making a role her own. Her performance in the Conjuring movies always have me in awe and makes it hard to believe that she is not actually the character in real life. I will always be a fan of anything Vera Farmiga does. 

This next leading lady is just as versatile as any actor or actress in Hollywood and I have wanted her to adopt me and take me to Genovia since day one, and that is Anne Hathaway. I cannot tell you how obsessed I am with the way she makes acting and singing look so effortless. It’s as if she is every role she plays. Since the Princess Diaries and Ella Enchanted on Disney Channel, I have grown to respect and learn from Hathaway’s work in Les Miserables and The Devil Wears Prada, two very different roles that Hathaway delivered so flawlessly. Whether its comedy or an opera, Anne Hathaway will no doubt impress the audience gracefully and effortlessly.                       

While these women are only my top three, I thought I would spare you the pain of me writing five pages worth of my favorite actresses. If you don’t know who these ladies are, or if you haven’t seen them but only in just one movie, I guarantee you won’t be disappointed with their performance.

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