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Movies You Have to Watch at the SLC This Spring

Florida State’s Student Life Cinema always has incredible film offerings for students throughout the year, and every ticket is free with your FSUID. In addition, the cinema has a concession stand that’s much more reasonably priced than your local chain theater – and you’re supporting student activities when you buy from them. Although many student cinemas tend to offer more obscure or indie flicks, the SLC takes the time to include both major blockbusters and unique festival titles in their schedule. If you’re looking for something fun (and free) to do over the next few months on campus, consider taking the time to see a film at the SLC! If you want to learn more about what they’re offering this spring, keep reading.

Hustlers: Jan. 30 – Feb. 1

Directed by Lorene Scafaria, this blockbuster flick stars icons like Jennifer Lopez, Constance Wu and Keke Palmer as a crew of strippers looking to scam Wall Street clients out of their funds. The plot is centered around the 2008 economic crisis, which causes the dancers to come up with a risky scheme that could alter their lives forever. The film is showing at 7:30pm and 10:30pm throughout the weekend, and the theater will likely be packed!

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Jojo Rabbit: Feb. 6 – Feb. 7

Starring Roman Griffin Davis, Thomasin McKenzie and Scarlett Johansson, this indie flick directed by Taika Waititi follows a young boy in Hitler’s army who finds out his mother is hiding a Jewish girl in their home. The movie scored an 8.0/10 on IMDB, and has received numerous positive reviews by critics and viewers alike. The film is showing at the SLC at 7:30pm and 10:30pm on both weekend nights, and is a must-see for history or drama fans.

Joker: Feb. 13 – Feb. 15

This blockbuster starring Joaquin Phoenix and directed by Todd Phillips has the most nominations of any film at the upcoming Oscars, and is a must-see for comic book fans. The movie follows Arthur Fleck’s (aka Joker’s) origin story as he is bullied and ostracized by the world around him. The film has multiple showings between 6pm and 10pm all weekend, and would be an awesome way to finish out a tough week of schoolwork.

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Lovesong: Feb. 13 – Feb. 14

This indie film, which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival, is a romance that stars Riley Keough and Jena Malone and was directed by So Yong Kim. The film follows Sarah, who feels neglected by her husband and decides to go on a road trip with her best friend Mindy. On the trip, their feelings for one another become much more intimate. This movie is perfect to go see right around Valentine’s Day, and it’s showing at 8pm on both evenings.

As broke college students, many of us don’t have the money to be buying $12 cinema tickets and concessions that are even more expensive. Fortunately, the SLC has just as many movie options at a fraction of the cost, not to mention the fact that you don’t even need to leave campus. Happy spring, Noles, and happy viewing!

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