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More Than a Campus Celebrity: Amanda Cerny

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FSU chapter.

Classmate and Playmate? Last semester, Florida State junior, Amanda Cerny, got the phone call of a lifetime: Playboy’s editor calling her with news that she was chosen as a Playmate. Although, at the time, she resorted to dancing and screaming in the streets by herself (her roomies weren’t home; what’d you expect?), Her Campus guarantees that the next time Cerny gets big news, she’ll have thousands of fans by her side.


HC FSU (Her Campus at FSU):You’re pretty young… around 19, right? When did you start modeling to make it so big at such a young age?

AC (Amanda Cerny):Yes, I am 19. I started modeling just for fun at 15 years old. I began submitting my pictures to different agencies and competitions once I built up my portfolio. I have just been extremely lucky.

HC FSU:Did you always want to pose for Playboy or did the desire come along throughout your time modeling?

AC:I always thought it would be amazing to be given the opportunity to pose for Playboy, but I never thought that this opportunity would actually come my way! I couldn’t ask for anything more. I have been truly blessed.

HC FSU:The question that’s on everyone’s mind: How in the world does a girl from south Florida get to spend quality time at the Playboy Mansion AND become a Playmate?

AC:Well, I am not the first girl to be chosen from south Florida. But I submitted my pictures in August and ended up being chosen for a test shoot! They flew me out to LA for my Test and I was able to stay at the mansion for three nights, attend the Kandyland Halloween party, meet Hef, his fiancé (Crystal Harris) and a lot of the playmates, and I even got to do a movie night at the mansion. We watched “Young Frankenstein.” Hef’s Favorite!


HC FSU:How did you find out you were chosen to be a Playmate? What was that whole process like?

AC:In August a couple of my friends emailed me at the same time telling me that I should submit to Playboy for Playmate. I thought they were crazy and that I would never be chosen, but I did it anyway thinking that it couldn’t hurt to try. So, I sent my pictures in by email and received a response back the next day saying that my pictures were going to be sent to the editors for approval. A couple weeks later I received another email saying that my pictures were approved and … being sent to the editors in Chicago. A few weeks later I received an email saying that my pictures were approved by Chicago and Hugh Hefner approved me for a test shoot! I could not believe it. Within the next week I got a phone call from the main editor of Playboy with my shoot dates and itinerary. I stayed in LA October 28th until the 31st and had my test shoot on the 29th. It took a couple weeks after my shoot to hear back with the results. The editor called me once again and told me the fantastic news! I was so happy, but none of my roommates were home and all of my family and close friends were not answering their phones so I just ran down the street jumping with joy. My neighbors probably thought that I was crazy. I am now scheduled to fly out to LA and have my centerfold shoot for Playmate this May. Once that is approved, … I will be published and titled a Playmate. It’s the final step. Fingers crossed!!!

HC FSU:As a model, I’m sure you’ve done a lot of traveling. Is it ever difficult to juggle modeling and school?

AC:Yes. Modeling does take up a lot of time. I find myself cramming for tests and writing a lot of last minute essays. I have always been a bit of a procrastinator when it comes to schoolwork, though. I get good grades, so I guess this method works for me.

HC FSU:After graduation in a few years, what do you plan on doing with your degree in International Affairs? Are you going to keep modeling?

AC:Well I am finishing up my junior year at FSU this semester. I am a bit ahead thanks to Dual Enrollment in high school, which I highly recommend that all high school students do! Since I am so far ahead and would be graduating Spring 2012, I have decided to take a year off. I am moving to Miami Beach this summer, which is great because I will be closer to the ocean, home and my family as well as work for modeling. I am … living in the moment [and] plan on traveling a lot. I guess I will find out more about my plans come June!

HC FSU:You have a ton of fans. Is your life starting to feel surreal? I know I would be freaking out (in a good way) if I were in your shoes.

AC:It does feel surreal. I am so unbelievably lucky to have such amazing friends and a family that supports me 100%. I am so thankful for everything and everyone in my life.


HC FSU:Do you get a lot of support from your KD sisters, too?

AC:Yes. … I went to UCF last year and have received so much support from all of my KD sisters down there, as well as from the FSU chapter. I was in the process of affiliating with the chapter up here but had to stop right before completing the affiliation process. … I have been out of town [almost] every weekend [and] I didn’t want to be affiliated if I could not contribute anything to the chapter because of my lack of involvement. It’s just not fair to all of the other girls who work so hard and put so much of their time into KD. But I still have my letters because I never dropped; I just didn’t affiliate. I was able to meet the entire Kappa Alpha Chapter and all of the girls are beautiful inside and out. I made good friends with a lot of them. Like I said, I am so thankful for having friends that support me. It really does keep me thinking positive and helps motivate me.

HC FSU:When should your fans expect to see you as Playboy’s centerfold? What’s the experience like in front of the camera with Playboy’s renowned photographers and experts?

AC:I find out everything in May, so we shall see! I was so nervous at first when shooting, but then I realized that all of the photographers and everyone on set are professionals and really do act accordingly. The lighting technician is focusing on the lighting, the photographer is focusing on getting a perfect shot, etc. After a few minutes into the shoot, I felt so comfortable. Everyone is so kind, welcoming, and of course PROFESSIONAL.

HC FSU:I hear you’re in the running for Miss April for Transworld SURF Magazine. That must be pretty exciting! How can your fans vote to make sure you’ve got this one in the bag?

AC:Yes, I am. I had no idea that I was until my friend from West Palm Beach mentioned it to me. I’m excited and hope that I get it! [Voting is] really simple, actually. You just google “Transworld Miss April 2011” and vote by commenting on the page. You do not have to sign up or register to vote. You can simply just post a comment and type in your name. I love checking to see what my friends have written about me. It’s a great feeling to see the kind of support that I have.

HC FSU:Lastly, I know you’re at the gym A LOT. I’m sure a ton of our readers would love to have your body (and I’m sure this isn’t the first time you’ve heard that). Do you have any fitness secrets you’d be willing to share?

AC:Aw, well I am definitely not an expert. I do go to the gym a lot, though! I love the P90x Ab Ripper X Workout. It only takes 15 minutes, is simple, and really does work! I have it memorized now and do it every other day when I go to The Leach. It’s funny because I always see someone else doing the same workout when I go to the gym. It’s popular one… Around here at least.

Viviana Victoria is a sophomore at the Florida State University, class of 2013, double majoring in Retail Merchandising & Product Development and the new English track offered at FSU, editing, writing, and media. Born and raised in West Palm Beach, Florida, moving up to Tallahassee was quite a change. During her first year in college, after changing her major three times, she was fortunate enough to discover her passion for writing this early on. Her goal is to write for a major fashion magazine or to be a screenplay writer in the future. She is an active member of the Collegiate Merchandising Association (CMA) at FSU, as well as a contributing writer of College Magazine, an advice publication for college students founded by a graduate student of Maryland. Some of her interests include playing sports, reading, working out, and basically having a good time. Her ultimate life goal is to touch lives and to be remembered as the girl who always made people smile regardless of what was thrown her way.