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ModCloth’s Journey to a Better Body Image

As quickly as this semester started, Spring Break is already right around the corner. A week’s worth of no school is something we can all look forward to, especially if there’s an awesome vacation waiting for us. However, there is one thing that some ladies may not be looking forward to: swimsuit shopping.

Whether you’ve been working out and eating clean for months to prepare or taking a more “relaxed” approach to the upcoming situation, I think it’s safe to say that no woman is saying how excited they are to try on awkward pieces of clothing that make it look like you pooped your pants after going in the water.

I don’t think I’d be too far off to say that some of the blame should be placed on the media honing in on women with the “ideal” body shape, who were still Photoshopped to the point where their bodies almost don’t even look real anymore. Every curve and angle is arranged perfectly to make the model in the bikini look flawless and dimple-free.

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According to a study by Do Something, about 91% of women see flaws in the way they look. About 5% of them naturally have the kind of body that’s so relentlessly portrayed in the media.

That’s why it’s so amazing that ModCloth is the first retailer to hop on the Truth in Advertising train. What exactly does that entail?

For their new swimwear campaign, ModCloth employees are posing as models and you’ve guessed it: no Photoshop. Now, women everywhere who venture onto ModCloth’s website can be comforted by the fact that the women wearing swimsuits (and other clothing) look just like them.

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Some people may stop and ask, “Why can’t they just have more confidence in themselves?” While confidence is, of course, a desirable character trait to have, it doesn’t come easy for everyone. Sometimes it takes years for people to build themselves up, whether it’s because they were bullied, depressed, or for a variety of other reasons. Sometimes, people go the rest of their lives locked down by poor self-esteem. It’s especially difficult when much of the world around you tells you that you are not beautiful or desirable because of the way you look.

The Truth in Advertising campaign is an enormous step forward in improving the way women look at themselves (and each other). By opting out of Photoshopped models, we can all focus on how cute the clothes are instead of the appearance of the person wearing them. College women prepping for spring break in a couple of weeks can take small strides toward becoming more comfortable with their bodies. Hopefully, other retailers will step up to the plate and follow in ModCloth’s footsteps — shopping for a swimsuit to enjoy the beach and tan shouldn’t be a process that involves anxiety.

All things considered, as long as your doctor is telling you that you’re a perfectly healthy human being, continue to rock the way you look. We’re in the beginning of a wonderful change, and it’s important for all of us to be a part of it together.

Check out everything ModCloth has to offer here.

Haleigh is a 22 year old college student who is slowly but surely getting closer and closer to graduating from the beautiful Florida State University (in May, to be exact). With a love for puppies that's almost too much to handle at times and a slight obsession with sushi, Haleigh is passionate about all things cute and fun, with a hint of sass. Go Noles!
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