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Miley Cyrus has entered a new era with her eighth studio record, Endless Summer Vacation. From Hannah Montana and “Party in the U.S.A.,” Mike WiLL Made-It-produced Bangerz, the country-pop vibes of Younger Now, and the rock era that came with Plastic Hearts — Cyrus has done it all. 

Her newest evolution, Endless Summer Vacation, has influences from a variety of sounds. While it doesn’t completely mirror any of her previous work, it also isn’t a reinvention of Cyrus either. The record features a long and diverse list of creatives her long-time friend and collaborator Mike WiLL Made-It, Spring Breakers director Harmony Korine, Harry Styles collaborators Kid Harpoon and Tyler Johnson, and Liily drummer Maxx Morando, who she is allegedly currently dating.

The hype surrounding her newest release began in January with the lead single “Flowers” which debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. “Flowers” expresses self-empowerment and the notion of “putting yourself first” after a breakup. Endless Summer Vacation is Cyrus experiencing everything one could go through after a relationship ends  self-love, reflection, resentment, confusion, new romance, sadness and acceptance. I think the reason I relate to this album is that I empathize with the rollercoaster of emotions she goes through. 

From driving through my hometown blasting “Rose Colored Lenses” to screaming the lyrics of “Jaded,” I have thoroughly listened to every song. With that being said, here are my thoughts on every song of Endless Summer Vacation.

“Flowers”/ “Flowers (Demo)”

This self-love breakup anthem has been taking over radio stations. For the times I’m trying to act unbothered over another Tallahassee man, Flowers reminds me that I can “love me better than you can.” My favorite part of this song is the chorus which is allegedly a response to Bruno Mars’ January 2013 track “When I Was Your Man.” The similarity in the lyrics to Mars’ song reminded fans that her ex-husband, Liam Hemsworth, once dedicated Mars’ song to Cyrus in 2013.


The best song on the album. Miley transitions from singing about self-love with “Flowers” to reflecting on the wrongdoings in a relationship and the missed opportunities. Every time I listen to this song, I find myself singing along to these lyrics, “I’m sorry that you’re jaded. I could’ve taken you places.” Why do I resonate with this song so much? Sometimes I reminisce on past romances, why they ended, what could’ve been done differently, and what they could’ve been. Probably not the best idea but I do it anyways…

“Rose Colored Lenses”

This song gives me serotonin. The track has a slow, upbeat instrumental that makes it feel similar to a dream. I listen to this song whenever I want to relive the good times of a relationship. The lyrics remind me of my high-school relationship, where we didn’t have any real responsibilities yet, “We could stay like this forever, lost in wonderland. With our head above the clouds, falling stupid like we’re kids.” Sometimes you know something is going to end, but you want to pretend that the good times are going to last forever. 

“Thousand Miles” (ft. Brandi Carlile)

This is one of the few country-pop songs on the album, featuring nine-time Grammy award-winning artist Brandi Carlile. To me, this song embodies acceptance after a relationship even if you don’t know where you’re headed next. Just like Miley, I also feel like “I’m holding on like a rolling stone.”


I loved this song, as it had some rock influence that her 2020 album Plastic Hearts had. She sings about her ideal type of love, and the song itself seems so honest and heartfelt. Cyrus sings about her flaws that she’s reflecting on, “I got some baggage / Let’s do some damage. I am not made for no horsey and carriage.”


This song is a trip within itself. It’s honestly not one of my favorites. Half of the song is her speaking and the other half features an EDM-like instrumental tune. This song reminds me of meeting someone you won’t forget but who will also not be in your life forever. 


If you need a dance-floor song, this is it. Cyrus said the ‘P.M.’ section of the album has a “slinky seediness and kind of a grime but a glamour at the same time.” “River” is the first P.M. song of the album, and it makes sense. In her Disney Plus special The Backyard Sessions, she talks about the new single, “Sometimes we just need a dance floor banger a.k.a they don’t want me to talk about how the fact the song is about,” the clip cuts out with a censor bleep. “It’s f*cking nasty.” No matter what the song is actually about, you will catch me singing, “You’re just like a river” on repeat.

“Violent Chemistry”

The definition of a bad idea sounds like a good time. A synth-pop, love song I could also find myself dancing to. “Violent Chemistry” is about wanting a lover to stay even if you’re not good for each other. I know we’ve all had that one person who we know deep down is bad for us, but will still run back to for the moment being. Then, probably regretting it in the morning… Been there done that.

“Muddy Feet” (ft. Sia)

Miley does not hold back on this collaboration with Sia. Calling out a cheater, Cyrus expresses that you do not want to mess with her, “You smell like perfume that I didn’t purchase / Now I know why you’ve been closing the curtains / Get the f*ck out of my house.” Saving this song for when an ex (hopefully does not) cheat on me.


Reminding me of Cyrus’ 2010 hit, “Can’t be Tamed” she shows with “Wildcard” that she still will never be defined. She seems to wrestle with wanting two different outcomes, staying in a relationship or being single. In your 20s, it truly seems impossible to know what is right for you at the time and I resonate with that.


While I feel like this song drags on, I love the concept behind the song. In her Disney Plus special The Backyard Sessions, Cyrus says, “For me, I’ve been able to create these paradises where I feel safe. But I was contemplating this life that I have for myself. Is it a paradise or is it a lonely island?”  Sometimes we wonder if the safe spaces we’ve created are isolating us from others and Cyrus understands that.

“Wonder Woman”

A slow ballad that shows the softer side of Cyrus on this album. I adore this song as it resembles some of her previous songs, “Slide Away,” “The Climb” and “Wrecking Ball.” “Wonder Woman” is about living a thousand lives and being able to persevere through the pain she’s gone through.

Endless Summer Vacation is Cyrus’ love letter to LA. Despite some of the dance-floor songs, in this record, you get to experience what it’s like when the vacation is over. Everyone has to go through periods of self-reflection, and Miley does just that and more in this album.

Watch the Disney+ Backyard Sessions here to hear Cyrus’ inspiration for Endless Summer Vacation.

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