Michelle Phan Posts a Video for the First Time in Years

For the first time in over two years, beauty vlogger Michelle Phan has uploaded a video to her YouTube channel titled “Hello:)” with the description “I missed you.” (Click here to watch the video.) This caused Phan’s abundant and patiently waiting fans to flock to the internet to express their excitement. Most of her fans express a similar sentiment: now that one of the original beauty gurus is back, she will set all the newer “beautytubers,” Jeffree Star, James Charles and Jaclyn Hill, amongst others, back in their place.

Courtesy: Twitter

Courtesy: Twitter

Courtesy: Twitter

To recap Phan’s hiatus from YouTube, let’s talk about the video she posted prior to this latest one. In the last video, two years before this one, Phan expressed how toxic her work environment had become and how she was beginning to chase success instead of happiness. “I felt so alone, and I had too much pride to let you see me at my weakest,” she admitted to her followers. “I felt so depressed and I didn’t know why.” She confided to her viewers that she felt disconnected from her friends and her family, but most importantly, from her fans. At the end of the video, Phan answers the question of “Why I Left” with the popular saying “If you want to fly, you must give up everything that weighs you down.” With that thought guiding her, Phan traveled to Switzerland and away from her success. From there, she went beyond Switzerland to other places in order to learn and grow. At the end of the video, she states that “There is still so much for me to learn and discover, and that takes time.” While she was unsure where her future was going during the release of this video, Phan was certain that she wanted “to show you how to feel more beautiful.” She ends the video with the projects she had been working on for the year prior to the video. The first project is her “revamped” cosmetic line EM Cosmetics, and the second is the fulfillment of a childhood dream to create a comic. Hers is called Helios: Femina, which can be found here. You can also find a “24/7 Magic Hour Radio” which started streaming on her channel June 1. It features a little animated caricature of Michelle Phan and plays the perfect chill lo-fi music for all your studying needs. 

Courtesy: YouTube

Now, years after the “Why I Left” video, she has finally uploaded a new one. The screen first shows a sunbathed tree with faint meows from her kitten in the background. This peaceful scenery sets the tone for the rest of the video.

Not only are fans getting excited over the fact she promises to “see you later” at the end of her latest upload, but they are also enthusiastic about what is featured in it. Phan takes her viewers to the set in which she films Morning Dew Crystal Lip Gloss, a new product for her brand EM Cosmetics. The gloss is described as “A crystal-clear gloss that gives you high shine without the sticky texture,” on the EM Cosmetics Instagram account.

Courtesy: Instagram

Viewers also see a few behind the scenes moments of the shoot featuring gorgeous models along with some beginning shots of Phan with her cat. The genuine, natural vibe of the video is what struck fans. @AbagayilHatt tweeted, “Loved how real and organic the video was!!” One fan simplified the short three-minute video into, “a vlog for making a commercial,” but claims to have loved it. The happy, laid back music highlights the openness Michelle Phan seems to have been striving for with her viewers, and their reactions reflect exactly that.

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