Meet Campus Cutie: Elizabeth O’Toole

Name: Elizabeth O’Toole

Year: Senior

Age: 22

Hometown: Batavia, IL

Relationship Status: Single

Major: Hospitality Management and Accounting


Her Campus (HC): Why did you decide to major in Hospitality?

Elizabeth O’Toole (EO): Well, I originally wanted to go to culinary school, but decided I just like to eat! I still knew the hospitality industry was the direction I wanted to go in, especially so I can travel the world as I work.

HC: Have you had any fun internships or noteworthy experiences in your industry?

EO: This past summer I was lucky enough to intern at Shore Club in South Beach. It was great having a view of the ocean every day, but also working with some high profile guests. I hope to participate in the Disney College Program this upcoming summer, too.

HC: Why did you decide to double major in accounting? That’s pretty ambitious by the way. Accounting can’t be easy.

EO: Life after graduation can be pretty tough these days, so I thought I would give myself a competitive advantage to guarantee a management position. You can’t run a department or business without understanding the financial side of it. And, yes, accounting is hard work!

HC: What do you plan on doing with your degrees? In other words, what is your dream job?

EO: I would absolutely love to be the CFO for Walt Disney World. Then I could get the best of both worlds!

HC: What are your interests outside of school?

EO: I almost forget I have any interests outside of school because of how busy school and work keep me. I try to read for fun as much as possible, but I also love being outside and active. I try to spend as much time as I can with my family whenever I have a break, too.

HC: Do you have a favorite author?

EO: I could never truly pick just one, but I would have to say Jane Austen since she gave me my favorite story, Pride and Prejudice.

HC: Are you a dog or cat person, or neither? I heard you have an exotic pet.

EO: Dogs all the way! I had four huge ones growing up, and plan to get my own when I graduate, probably a Labrador. They’re my favorite. And I do have an exotic pet—specifically, a Jardine’s parrot. His name is Captain Jack Sparrow, and he’s a weirdo, but I love him.

HC: What a cute name! Okay…so one more question. As a senior, what advice do you have for incoming students?

EO: It’s great having fun, but you need to realize early on that you are going to need to get serious quick, because graduation will be here before you know it. It definitely crept up on me! So, build your résumé and get involved. It will make a huge difference when transitioning to the real world.