Meet Anna Vill: FSU DECA President

DECA is an organization that prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs in marketing, finance, hospitality and management in high school and colleges around the globe. Anna Vill holds the position of President for DECA at Florida State University.

Her Campus (HC): Hi Anna! Tell me a little bit about yourself.

Anna Vill (AV): Hi, my name is Anna Vill. I’m a junior from Melbourne, Florida. I was born in Atlanta, Georgia. I’m studying Media Communication Studies with a minor in Social Entrepreneurship. I am the President of DECA at FSU, a member of FPRA, and a remote digital marketing intern for Next Level Digital Marketing.

HC: Can you give us a quick overview of DECA?

AV: DECA is a club in which we compete in case study competitions judged by industry professionals in the areas of Hospitality, Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Finance, and Management. When we aren’t preparing for competition, we work to develop the professional skill sets of our members to prepare them for life after college.

Courtesy: Anna Vill

HC: What does being a leader at FSU mean to you?

AV: To me, being a leader means you have the opportunity to make an impact on and a difference in the lives of your peers. Through leadership in DECA, I’ve formed lasting friendships that mean more to me than any competition win ever could.

HC: How does DECA prepare you for real-life business scenarios?

AV: Our competitions are all done in a role-play style, meaning we act as true entrepreneurs, marketing managers, financial consultants, etc. Not only does the style of competition prepare us for real-world business scenarios, but also the individuals judging our competitions assist in this too. The final portion of the competition for DECA is a one on one presentation to an actual industry professional. In the 10-15 minutes you spend with them, you have the opportunity to present to them as if you were truly working for them and then receive critiques on your presentation content and the way in which you presented it, which is a truly invaluable experience.

HC: How can DECA be beneficial to not just business majors, but to all majors?

AV: Because of the broad range of industries in which we compete in DECA, you have the opportunity to get a feel for several different industries you may have never known about. In addition to this, we are continuously developing professional skills that will help students be successful no matter their major!

Courtesy: @annavill on Instagram

HC: What is the difference in being a member of an organization and being in a leadership position?

AV: Leadership in DECA has given me an incredible number of opportunities to not only network within FSU but with faculty and students involved with DECA across the globe.

HC: What advice can you give students looking to get involved with professional organizations on campus?

AV: I would say find the club you feel you fit in best with and will help you grow the most as a professional.

If you are interested in joining DECA, meetings take place every other Monday evening, email Anna Vill at [email protected] for more information!

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