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Meet Ally Boudreau: Remarkable Roommate and FSU Involvement Enthusiast

College itself is no easy feat. There are those of us who struggle to get out of bed for our 8 a.m. (myself included), but there are also people like Ally Boudreau.

Ally has a way of making the inevitable trials and tribulations that come with being a college student seem almost glamorous and effortless. Aside from being my beloved roommate and a Shawn Mendes aficionado, Ally is also a proud and dedicated Seminole. She has established a remarkable presence here at Florida State through her various involvement opportunities and her spirit for the Garnet and Gold. 

I was lucky enough to catch some time with her to share her experiences and what she advises for those who are trying to find their place in the Seminole tribe.

Her Campus (HC): What involvement opportunities have you partaken in throughout the course of your time at Florida State?

Ally: I’ve had the opportunity to serve as an Orientation Leader, a proud sister of Kappa Kappa Gamma and be a part of the Chapter Council, Hospitality Career and Internship Expo Assitant Coordinator, and PeaceJam Mentor.

HC: Is there any particular involvement that you feel best prepares you for your future goals and endeavors? If so, then how?

Ally: I think my experience as an Orientation Leader was valuable because there is training provided for me as an individual; for example, how to analyze the end goal and team leadership style as well as how to accommodate others, how to highlight their best features without compromising yourself, public speaking development, and creating an inclusive environment for people involved in an organization serving towards a common goal. Also, being the Assistant Coordinator for the Hospitality Career and Internship Expo, I am able to be involved within my major. That’s important in regard to having those networking opportunities with companies and organizations and building relationships and networks with faculty and peers in that field and area of expertise. 

HC: What past experiences or opportunities do you feel have prepared you for leadership roles and general involvement at an institution like FSU?

Ally: Playing a sport like soccer has shaped my leadership style through being on a team and also having a coach to look to for leadership and authority. It was a growing process that has catered a lot to who I am as a leader, as well as allowing me to learn that everyone is allowed the opportunity to speak their truth. The concept of team since then has been key in how I work with others and also developing personal skills in that kind of environment. High school organizations such as Student Government (SGA), National Honors Society (NHS) and Quill and Scroll have also given me the chance to grow in leadership while still allowing me to experience things as a learning curve and taking the experiences as a way to develop and strengthen my skills. 

HC: Are there any opportunities you are hoping to seize in the near future here on campus or beyond?

Ally: Absolutely! I have started applying for higher positions in organizations I am already involved in. Having a part-time job has also given me perspective on involvement beyond campus and how to use experience and hard work to progress in my position to work towards a promotion and things like that. With involvement, though, I see things as an ice cream cone. I started with a lot and now narrowing things down to what I feel caters most to what I am trying to accomplish and focusing on not spreading myself too thin. I also intend on analyzing my personal values and ensuring that they align with what I choose to be affiliated with. 

HC: What have been your main takeaways from your involvement at Florida State and how do you plan on implementing these principles in your future?

Ally: I think my main takeaway is: can we change the world? Yes. But sometimes the size of our impact is not what matters, but rather the little things. In other words, maybe depth is more important than the width of your impact. I believe in ripple effects by impacting just one person here and there. At first, it may seem insignificant, but all you need is to spark a conversation and get your voice out there in one way or another. With my experience as an Orientation Leader, I didn’t see it as a way to be connected with every single student I came in contact with but rather building and cultivating those intentional and deep relationships with people who look to me for guidance and demonstrated that they wanted that person to rely on. And I think it goes without saying that it’s better to have a handful of relationships that are deep and meaningful rather than having many relationships that are unintentional and, perhaps, surface level. I enjoy building relationships of any kind but allowing room for those deep-rooted connections is what I find valuable in making an impact. 

HC: What advice would you have for someone hoping to pursue involvement on campus and finding their place in such a large campus?

Ally: From what I hear and from personal experience, freshman year is very overwhelming when it comes to finding your place on campus and figuring out what you want to be involved in. I believe that when you first choose just one place to belong to the people in that group will help you search for other opportunities that would be a good fit for you. I also believe that it’s good to try new things that pique your interest if doing so will help you narrow things down later on according to what goals you want to accomplish and what path you’re pursuing. Regardless, there most certainly is a place for everyone on campus and everyone has something unique and valuable to bring to the table. 

Knowing Ally personally, there’s a possibility that I may be a little biased. But with that aside, it’s simply astounding to see someone take on roles such as these with the intention of making her mark here at Florida State. Ally is someone I am proud to call a friend and look to as a prime example of leadership, initiative and what it means to be a Seminole. 

All photos courtesy of Ally Boudreau.

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