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HBO’s hit show Euphoria has captured the attention of many people, but not just because of the drama. Euphoria is a show about a girl named Rue, played by Zendaya, and a transgender girl named Jules, played by Hunter Schafer. We follow Rue’s constant struggle with drug addiction and her friendship with Jules. Jules has her own problems to deal with, including trying to find love as a trans teen. Rue and Jules also have a small group of friends: Maddy, Lexi, Cassie, and Kat. While watching the show, it is hard to miss the unique and bold makeup styles these characters have. These styles reflect the characters’ personalities, as well as their emotions in each episode. (Warning, there WILL be spoilers!)

First, we will start with my favorite character, Kat.

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Kat is very body-conscious at the beginning of the show and never wears heavy makeup. She has her eyebrows done, never wears eyeshadow, and has on a plain nude lipstick. This look symbolizes how she does not want to stand out and wants to blend in with the regular school population. But this changes when she loses her virginity. It’s almost as if she was reborn because she looks like a completely different person. After losing her virginity, she finally realizes that she has no reason to be ashamed of her body. Now she wears mascara, eyeliner, eyeshadow, dark red lipstick, and she no longer wears her glasses. Her new look gives off a strong feeling of confidence as if she is saying, “I know I’m hot and you can’t tell me otherwise.”

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Next is the beautiful and popular cheerleader, Maddy.

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Like any queen bee in high school, Maddy loves to be the center of attention. Since her mother stopped allowing her to compete in beauty pageants, she began to use makeup as another way to show off her beauty.  She wears makeup all the time and is never missing her signature rhinestones with her look. It is almost like she is flaunting her wealth, beauty and power, and wants people to know that she will not hesitate to take down anyone who threatens her. Knowing that her makeup always looks good and believing that no one could rival her beauty, Maddy is a very confident character. She looks like the ultimate trophy wife, but she also has a lot of sass and fight in her. Her makeup screams, “I get what I want,” (the motto of every spoiled princess).

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Now it is time for the main character, Rue.

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Rue is one of the very few characters that rarely wears makeup. Even though she is in high school, the world of makeup does not seem to interest her. She is fighting addiction and trying to live a clean life, so makeup is the least of her worries.  Whenever Rue wears makeup it is always designed to look like she is crying, due to all of the frustration and sadness she experiences throughout the series, especially when dealing with Jules. The only time Rue wears makeup is when she is with Jules or when she is doing drugs, and her makeup is always glitter-based. The glitter symbolizes feelings of fantasy that Rue has when she is high.

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Saving the best for last, it’s time for Jules to shine.

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When Jules is first introduced, her fashion and makeup styles are completely different from everyone else. Her makeup has no distinct style or pattern, and she is not afraid to wear makeup that can be seen as weird or overwhelming. But that is what represents Jules’s unique personality. She loves to have fun and is not afraid to take risks. The only scene where Jules has no makeup is when she is being manipulated and blackmailed into lying to the police for Nate. Jules is a different person at this moment. Instead of having her makeup to represent her fun personality, seeing her without makeup can represent the fact that she does not know who she is anymore.

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