Mary Ann Montague: Making Waves On and Off the FSU Crew Team

Courtesy: Madison Berko

Name: Mary Ann Montague

Year: Sophomore

Hometown: Jacksonville, Fla.

Major(s): Communications/Media Studies & English in Editing, Writing and Media (EWM)

Age: 20


Her Campus (HC): Tell me about your involvement with FSU Crew. How did you get involved with the sport and what’s it like being on a co-ed sports team in a sports industry that’s traditionally been male-dominated?

Mary Ann Montague (MM): My friend told she had joined the rowing club and mentioned how she had to wake up super early (5 a.m). That would instantly scare most off, but it made me want to join even more! It reminded me when I used to do cross country for my high school and having practice before school. It surprisingly bonds the team even stronger! When I mention I’m on the crew team to people, I typically get a surprised reaction. I feel most have the stereotype of rowers being big bulky men; and while they are in official teams, it’s nice that anyone can join FSU's!

Courtesy: Mary Ann Montague


HC: You’re double majoring in EWM and communications/media studies. What is it about these fields that interested you, and how do you plan to evolve your career from here at FSU?

MM: Those two majors just seemed like the go-to for me. The plan is to be working in the broadcasting industry in Boston when I graduate. I actually have an interview this month for a possible summer internship with Boston News 7! If all goes to plan, I will learn editing and more behind-the-scenes material and eventually move my way up in the network to be a head anchor.

HC: You’re also a Career Center Ambassador, which means you hold a volunteer-based leadership position here at FSU. Can you tell me a little more about the program and your involvement with it?

MM: Sure! In order to get into the program, I had to send in my résumé and then get invited for an interview. We have bi-weekly meetings where an employer or FSU faculty member will come in, give us tips, give us their cards or anything else to help prepare for our future careers. There is also a 25-hour requirement we have to complete each semester by signing up for Career Center events that fit around our schedules.

HC: What about this program made you want to join? What sort of students would you recommend join the program and why?

MM: I wanted a leadership position by the end of my freshman year and received an email advertising this program. What really made me interested was the fact anyone could apply, even if you had no prior work experience (which I did not). I would say any students who are looking for a stepping stone to gain experience, and want to learn how to become more professional, I’d recommend it!

Courtesy: Mary Ann Montague


HC: Tell me about your upcoming internship with Dream Careers and what experiences you hope to gain from it.

MM: I was actually able to hear about this program while volunteering as a Career Center Ambassador and happened to be helping at one of Dream Careers's information sessions. No students showed up, so I offered the presenter to tell me about it and, funny enough, it worked! I chose Boston because it’s where my boyfriend currently works, so I’ll be able to see him every weekend over the summer. I’ll be guaranteed an internship this summer through the program and they offer housing. I have three expected interviews coming up this month! I hope to learn a lot of new things, such as how to edit videos.

HC: What’s one piece of advice you would give your younger self?

MM: I would tell her not to worry about pleasing other people or what they think of you. Your true friends will love you the way you are and you shouldn’t try to change yourself in an effort to be a part of a certain group.