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Major Times Meghan Markle Broke the Royal Fashion Protocol

Most of us live by certain unspoken rules. Give a present for every invitation you receive. Don’t eat tuna or eggs at work. Walk on the right side of the sidewalk. But apart from that, we are definitely free spirits.

Once Meghan Markle got engaged to royalty, the rules changed for her. As we all know, Royals’ lives are ruled by a clearly delineated protocol. For instance, members of the British royal family aren’t supposed to eat garlic because it will make their breath smell bad.

We have to acknowledge that Markle is not the typical royal though. After becoming the Duchess of Sussex, she had to put her former public persona to rest – no acting career and no social media. However, the Black American divorcee has been challenging the status quo of royal fashion ever since she got engaged to Prince Harry.

Here are the times Meghan Markle challenged the royal fashion protocol:

Sep. 25, 2017: Wearing jeans to an event

 Courtesy: US Weekly


Occasion: An outing with Prince Harry to the Invictus Games hosted in Toronto, Canada.

Rule Broken: According to Diana Mather, royal etiquette expert, jeans are considered very casual, which is why you’ll rarely see royal members wearing them. “Many places will not allow jeans as they are still seen as very casual wear, so it is better to play safe for both sexes,” Mather told BBC. “But if the duchess is outside walking the dogs for example, then jeans are fine.” Markle initiated a really intense debate when she wore ripped jeans at this event. Many people also compared Markle to Kate Middleton, who rarely wears jeans, but never ripped jeans.

Feb. 13, 2018: Accessorizing with a cross-body bag

Courtesy: Teen Vogue


Occasion: Visiting Edinburgh Castle in the Scottish capital.

Rule Broken: It is a royal protocol that you do not extend your hand to any member of the royal family unless their hands extend first. For this reason, members like Middleton often opt for wearing a clutch. Although there is no strict rule about the type of bags royals should wear, it is all about comfort; and we can totally see how comfortable Markle looked matching this Strathberry bag to her Burberry coat.

July 5, 2018: Wearing non-British brands

Courtesy: E! Online


Occasion: Your Commonwealth Youth Challenge Reception at the Marlborough House in London.

Rule Broken: Traditionally, the royal family is expected to wear only British designers and brands, such as Alexander McQueen and Burberry. This is why it was such a big deal when Markle showed up in this mango-yellow dress by American designer Brandon Maxwell. Markle’s admiration for American and French designers (like Givenchy, who designed her wedding gown) definitely goes against the rule of favoring British designers. International designers are not banned, but they should be kept to a minimal level.

Aug. 29, 2018: Matching her dress to a pair of bare legs

Courtesy: Teen Vogue


Occasion: Meeting Lin-Manuel Miranda during gala following a charity performance of Hamilton at the Victoria Palace Theatre in London.

Rule Broken: One of the biggest no-nos among the royal family is definitely exposed legs. Protocol states that anytime a skirt or a dress is worn, stockings are a must-have. However, by the end of August, Markle ditched the pantyhose and opted for bare-legged in a black Judith & Charles tuxedo dress. This occasion was the first time when Markle broke this protocol, but it is the first time she violated since becoming a duchess.

Oct. 19, 2018: Wearing wedges – and taking them off

Courtesy: Glamour


Occasion: During her Royal tour of Australia, Fiji, Tonga, and New Zealand Meghan visited OneWave – a local surfing community group on Bondi Beach.

Rule Broken: From Princess Diana at NSW Beach in 1983 to Middleton at Manly Beach in 2014; one of the rules royals are expected to maintain at all times is keeping their shoes on – especially while touring other countries. On top of that, this was a double rule-breaking as female members should not wear wedges.

Peruvian and with 18 years old, she is a junior at Florida State University majoring in Communication and minoring in Recreation and Events. She loves everything related to fashion and photography; and after graduation she aspires to put her skills and attitudes to work at a major fashion publication. Follow her on Instagram @valeeriva.
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