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florida state football field
florida state football field
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LS Who? The Highlights of FSU’s Football Season

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FSU chapter.

The return to college during the fall semester of classes to many football fans represents the “kick-off” to the new season of college football. In the past few years, Florida State University has had some rocky seasons due to changes in coaches as well as the COVID-19 pandemic. However, luck must have recently flipped on the Seminole’s side as they are currently on a winning streak of 2-0 and were able to beat both of their past competitors, Duquesne and Louisiana State University. While FSU still has a long season of games ahead of them, let us dive into some of the high points of the past two games.

In the first game of the new season, FSU beat Duquesne at home in the Doak Campbell Stadium. This is a major achievement for the Seminoles as it is the first time that Florida State has won an opening game since 2016. During the game against Duquesne, the Seminoles were able to show off their athletic skills by consistently racking up points. For instance, the Seminoles were able to score a total of 26 points during the first half of this game and scored a total of 21 points during the second half. The steady success of making points by Florida State in conjunction with preventing Duquesne from scoring anything more than a single touchdown in the third quarter allowed the Seminoles to ultimately win the game. This game was a turning point in starting FSU off on the right foot.

In case you missed the emotional roller coaster that was the FSU versus LSU game, the Seminoles beat the Tigers in New Orleans in an extremely dramatic last-minute play. While the win seemed to be in the bag for Florida State, this was all lost when the Tigers scored in the last minute of the game, placing all the pressure on the extra-point field goal kick. During the last play of the game, Florida State was able to block the extra-point kick and secure the win. Florida State scored a total of 24 points whereas Louisiana State University was only able to score a total of 23 points.

In conclusion, it is truly such a great experience to be a Florida State Seminole this year and watch the team win such historic games. Though the future of Florida State’s football program is uncertain, it has been an incredibly exciting time to see the hard work of FSU’s athletes pay off. While we have been successful in the past two games, it is important to accept that there is still a full season ahead of us. The next upcoming football game, where you can watch and support the Florida State Seminoles, is going to be away in Louisville on Sep. 16th against the Cardinals. Back at home the week after, the Noles will face Boston College. Here’s to a great football season! Go Noles!

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