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Chelsea and Kwame get engaged on \'Love Is Blind\'
Chelsea and Kwame get engaged on \'Love Is Blind\'
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Recapping the First 4 Episodes of ‘Love is Blind’ Season 5

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FSU chapter.

Love is Blind, in my opinion, is one of the best reality TV series available on Netflix. Who doesn’t love watching these couples and their love stories unfold? If you haven’t seen Love is Blind, it’s yet another dating reality show whose end goal is marriage. But what’s the catch? The catch is that contestants can only physically see each other after they get engaged. On the show, there are separate women’s and men’s living quarters, connected only by rooms called “pods” where pairs can meet up and get to know one another. Because of an opaque screen that splits the pod into two sides, there is no way to see the person you’re talking to while in the pods. Contestants on the show are pushed to make authentic connections without seeing one another.

Love is Blind is now in its fifth season, and wow, did it get wild after the first four episodes! Episodes five, six, and seven will premiere on Sept. 29. Since we’re busy college students, you might not have had time to binge all the episodes yet, so I’ll fill you in on everything you need to know before the next episodes.

Spoiler Warning: Spoilers for the Season 5 premiere of Love is Blind follow.

Main Cast

on the Women’s side:

Aaliyah is 29 and an ICU nurse.

Lydia is 32 and a geologist.

Stacy is 34 and an operations manager.

Johnie is 32 and a lawyer.

Taylor is 26 and a teacher.

on the Men’s side:

Izzy is 31 and an insurance agent.

Chris is 28 and a project manager.

Milton is 25 and an engineer.

Uche is 34 and a lawyer.

JP is 32 and a firefighter.

Episode recap

Episode One: “So, You’re a Recent Cheater?”

From the get-go, Izzy seems to be the hottest commodity of the men. Many women put him down as their first pick right off the bat. One of the women who put Izzy down as their No. 1 is heartbroken when he says that he doesn’t feel any chemistry with her and he breaks it off.

Later, Taylor and JP build a quick connection, which is so cute! They click well and seem invested in each other.

Aaliyah and Uche also discover a strong connection based on their commonalities, one of which is their joint love of poetry. However, when Aaliyah discloses that she cheated in her last relationship, Uche doesn’t know if he can stay with her.

Episode Two: “Can I Talk To You For Real?”

Lydia gets a bit serious with Milton, who says that she is his strongest match.

Uche and Aaliyah discuss where their relationship is at. Uche apologizes to Aaliyah and says he was surprised by her cheating on her last relationship. Aaliyah feels that Uche is judging her for what she did in her past relationship. However, the two reconcile and stay together.

Chris and Johnie go on their date. Chris is head over heels for Johnie and sees a future with her. Johnie can see a future with Chris, but she tells Izzy later on that it feels more like a friendship with Chris.

JP asks Taylor to marry him! This is the first proposal of the season!

Izzy and Stacy have a date, and they have a great time! Izzy feels that Stacy is fun and easy. However, he likes his relationship with Johnie because she gets vulnerable with him. Izzy tells the camera that he’s torn between the two.

Back to Johnie and Chris: they have another date, where Johnie ends things with Chris for Izzy. Then, Johnie goes on a date with Izzy, and she tells him that she ended it with Chris.

Izzy and Johnie get into a very emotional conversation about Johnie’s ex-boyfriend, who died of a drug overdose. Johnie tells Izzy that she’s falling in love with him, but Izzy, overwhelmed, leaves the pod.

Johnie is mad at the end of this episode. She tells one of the other women that “He’s not going to be happy with her [Stacy].”

Taylor and JP are revealed to each other!

Episode Three: “Blindsided”

Izzy and Johnie have a date. Izzy tells Johnie that while they share a strong, emotional bond, Stacy knows him so well through a wall… ouch. Izzy tells Johnie he can’t marry her and chooses Stacy as his girlfriend.

Then, Johnie and Chris go on a date to discuss how things ended. Johnie tells Chris that Izzy ended things with her. Johnie tells Chris he’s a safe choice compared to Izzy, and Chris does not receive that well. At this point, the ball is in Chris’s court. Chris could take back Johnie or end things with her.

Aaliyah and Uche have a date. Aaliyah tells Uche how scary it can be to let someone in, and then Uche drops a bomb (no, not the L-bomb). Uche tells Aaliyah that he previously dated someone on the woman’s side. Lydia and Uche used to date in the outside world. Aaliyah and Lydia have gotten extremely close, and Lydia never mentioned that she dated Uche.

Episode 4: “She’s Gone…?”

Uche and Aaliyah pick up on their date at the end of episode three. Uche tells Aaliyah how Lydia and he only dated for a few months. Uche tells Aaliyah that things between Lydia and him are over. Aaliyah and Uche continue dating one another.

Izzy proposes to Stacy!

Johnie sees Stacy walk back into the women’s lounge, engaged, and Johnie is visibly upset. Johnie tells another woman that Izzy wasn’t ready to be vulnerable and that she was, and that’s why Izzy ran. Johnie feels that Chris is the one she needs. Chris and Johnie go on a date. Chris then ends things with Johnie. Chris tells her he once thought he had found his future wife but wants someone who always chooses him.

Aaliyah tells Lydia she knows about her relationship with Uche and they hug it out. The two girls chat, and things seem to be okay with their friendship. After discussing this, Lydia keeps commenting about Uche. Aaliyah is mad and upset that Lydia keeps talking about Uche. Aaliyah then finds out that Lydia and Uche had sex three months ago!

Aaliyah and Uche go on a date. Aaliyah tells him that Lydia said they both were considering starting at “ground zero” in the pods, but Uche says that’s not what happened. Uche reminds Aaliyah that he doesn’t have feelings for Lydia. Aaliyah and Uche discuss it and agree they are each other’s person.

Lydia and Milton go on a date. Lydia tells Milton about the Uche drama. Milton is upset and speechless. Milton tells Lydia he trusts her but doesn’t know how he feels. Towards the end of the episode, he proposes!

Second reveal! Izzy and Stacy meet for the first time.

Uche says on the personal camera that he’s in love with Aaliyah. Uche goes to the pods for a date with Aaliyah and intends to propose. Uche calls out to her but gets no response from her pod. A production member then tells Uche that Aaliyah left the experiment. 

I hope this recap helps you! Remember, the next episodes come out on Friday, Sept. 29 on Netflix. Have fun watching, because they will be filled with drama!

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