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Looking For a Good Read? These Reddit Threads are For You!

My favorite thing to do before bed is read Reddit threads. Reddit is a super popular website that has tons of forums where people can post, and others can comment on them. This website is extremely popular, and people post all kinds of experiences and stories, even some taboo ones, so most people who have accounts don’t identify them with their real name. To me, the most appealing thing about them is that between the extreme amount of detail people include in combination with the fact that it is a mostly anonymous site, it’s totally possible that these are true stories. It’s kind of like reality TV but you’re reading things instead of watching them. Here is a list of some of the best reads I have found so far on the site.

“My Girlfriend’s Mother is in Love/Obsessed with Me.”

 Anyone who has been in relationships knows that one of the scariest parts is trying to figure out how to win the approval of your significant other’s parents. But what happens when their feelings towards you move way past “approval”? This thread is about a guy whose girlfriend’s mother becomes utterly obsessed with him and will not leave him alone, and even continuously threatens to kick her own daughter out for being with him. So many people became invested in this story that the person who wrote the post also made three new threads with updates on the situation.

Read the thread here.

What is Your Craziest College Dorm Story?

This is every wild roommate and dorm experience rolled into one thread. A user wrote a post asking for people to share, and so many responded: RAs, bystanders, and people who were part of the story firsthand. Whether you had an amazing first-year experience and want to read about a different experience or your situation wasn’t so good, and you want to see how much worse it could have been, this thread will have you shocked at what some people think to do.

Check out the stories here.

What is Your “I Accidentally Caught My Spouse Cheating” Story? 

One of the reasons Reddit reminds me of reality TV is because you get a look into the lives of people who have experienced things you hope you never have to. A great example of this would be the “accidentally caught your spouse cheating” thread. This thread is a little heartbreaking, but it also really makes you think about the lengths people will go to just to cover up their affair, or how bad they failed at doing so.

Read the threads here.

What Is the Scariest or Creepiest Thing That Has Ever Happened to You?

These are some of the scariest and unexpected things that have happened to users. These accounts are thrilling and entertaining. It also makes me think twice about all the measures I should take daily to stay safe, so it’s also pretty helpful.

Read about them here.

A Glitch in the Matrix Stories

This thread is full of “Glitch in the Matrix” stories. These are basically really weird or coincidental things that happened to people but cannot really be explained. These are so interesting because they really make you think about how some of these things could have possibly happened. Some of these can be a little unrealistic, but it’s fun to think that they might have happened to someone!

Read that thread here.

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