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A Look into Harry Styles: From Prince to Rock Star

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Boy-band legend torn between becoming a 21st-century rock star or world-renown actor. What will Harry Styles ever choose? Apparently he’s made his decision since last week Harry Styles “accidentally” slipped up on why he didn’t take the role of Prince Eric in Disney’s upcoming live-action remake of The Little Mermaid. Many thought that this role was made for him. No one would be more perfect than Harry with his gorgeous brown locks and unknowingly charming charisma. His acting career was also on the rise with his starring role in Dunkirk back in 2017.

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Harry appeared on Capital Breakfast, a morning show in London, hosted by Roman Kemp revealing that he met with the film’s director, Rob Marshall. Kemp teased Harry about this asking him, “when The Little Mermaid was about, you were trending [on Twitter] because you were playing the part of Eric. What happened? Did you turn it down? Did you even audition? What’s the deal?”

This question left Styles at a loss as he said, “I had, you know, a meeting with Rob Marshall the director, who is the most wonderful man, he’s great. And it was just, honestly, it was just a few things.”

This left many shocked but not completely taken aback as Harry has previously stated that he wanted to focus more on his music. Our dream man may not be up for the role but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have something waiting for us. Harry Styles fans have been endlessly anticipating the release of HS2 since HS1 came out. On Oct 10, the British singer-songwriter released his song “Lights Up” along with a video leaving all the Harries quaking. He kept playing with fans by posting on social media hinting at the beginning of a new era for himself.

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The mixed guitar riffs and slow upbeat production signaled a complete shift from his past works. Not only was the sound different, but the content was also too. He asked listeners “What do you mean?” and “Do you know who you are?” to urge audiences to notice that he’s changed.

By focusing on his music, Harry has been able to personify himself creating a sound that is only unique to him. The video was sultry and embodied the 60s energy he emits on a daily basis. RollingStone says that the only thing Harry has said about his forthcoming album is that it would be his “toughest” and “most soulful yet.” The future of his sound seems to be in the hands of his experiences with stardom and being lost in a world that wants to give him everything.

No release date has been announced for his new project, but based on the current whereabouts of Styles’ we can only imagine what he has in store for us – so buckle up and get ready. There might be a concert or two in your future.

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