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The musical love affair between Harry Styles and Lizzo continues! On Feb. 17 Lizzo performed Harry Styles’ hit song “Adore You” from his last album Fine Lineon the “Live Lounge.” With a live band behind her, she brought a sultry take to the song! She even replaced a part of the song with Harry’s name to mention how she adores him. In her post-performance interview with BBC Radio 1, she took the time to mention how often she listens to Fine Line saying, “I listen to it in the morning, on the plane, so I already sing the songs, and now I get to do it with a live band my way.” This musical love affair did not start here though! It may be important to have a little back story between this ever-so-popular relationship. 

This began full circle back in December 2019 when Harry Styles performed Lizzo’s hit “Juice.” He performed the song on “Live Lounge” in London and similar to Lizzo, he put his own style and flair to the song. During an interview with BBC Radio 1, Harry Styles said that “she’s one of the most exciting artists working now for sure” and that “she’s exactly what you want an artist to be, which is themselves.” A video of him performing the song and the line “Somebody come get you man/I think he got lost in my DMs” immediately went viral on Twitter. After noticing the video of Harry Styles on the “Live Lounge” go viral on Twitter, of course, Lizzo had to tweet out and hint towards some kind of collaboration! She also took to her Instagram story to post a few videos of Harry Styles singing her song. Her caption, “This is so cute @harrystyles ily,” was just the beginning of what was to come! 

After this confession of love between the two, the collaboration began. Harry Styles was scheduled to have a pre-Super Bowl concert also in Miami but due to bad weather, it was canceled. The concert featured Lizzo opening, but unfortunately, the venue had to be evacuated before Harry Styles could perform. After that attempt fell through, they progressed to Lizzo’s concert just a few days later. Lizzo surprised the audience with a performance from Harry Styles once again performing “Juice” right next to the artist herself. Most recently the two were seen at the Brit Awards cuddling together. 

Fans of the two artists have been sent on a wild journey, from seeing them perform together to seeing Lizzo kiss his hand at an award show! They even have an interesting nickname given by Twitter fans, known as Hizzo. 

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