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If there’s one thing Disney does well, it’s a remake. No matter the initial opposition to reprisals of classics like The Lion King, Cinderella, or Beauty and the Beast, audiences don’t often walk out disappointed. That’s why when news broke that Lizzie McGuire – one of Disney Channel’s most iconic and beloved sitcoms – was being rebooted, people got excited.

Among that excited group of people was actress Hilary Duff, who starred as the show’s main character, Lizzie McGuire, herself. Beaming as she broke the news on stage at the D23 Expo in Anaheim, California, Duff said, “It is so great to be home!” Visibly thrilled to return to the role, she chatted happily with fans about what the upcoming series would hold.

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The audience who knew and loved the sassy, sometimes awkward, and always charming Lizzie McGuire essentially grew up with her. Fans related to and were reassured by her struggle to navigate her preteen years. That nostalgic effect that Lizzie McGuire has will surely not be lost in the reboot – Duff revealed that just like her fans, Lizzie’s done some growing up too! “Lizzie is turning 30…and entering your 30’s is a really big deal…I think it’s just the right time for her to step back in and have her go along with you in your 30s,” Duff explained. She shared that while filming hasn’t begun, a few details are set in stone. Audiences will pick back up with adult Lizzie living in New York working as an apprentice to an interior designer. The show will not cover how she ended up there, but Duff hints that this is because Lizzie won’t be staying for much longer.

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The obvious question is who from the original cast will grace our television screens alongside Hilary Duff? More specifically, will Lizzie’s best friend and love interest Gordo, played by Adam Lamberg, be making an appearance? Fans feel entitled to an answer, seeing as the last time we saw the two characters they shared a magical kiss in Rome after seasons worth of his pining for her. “The whole cast is such a big part of the show, and I think we have a lot of surprises in store for viewers,” Duff shared. While this was not the ‘After the kiss, Lizzie and Gordo dated for the rest of their time in school and were later married’ that us faithful fans wanted, for now, we know it is not lost on Duff that audiences hope to see characters like her parents, brother, Gordo, and maybe even Ethan Craft and Kate Sanders all grown up too.

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The show’s trademark 13-year-old animated Lizzie that often appeared to say what Duff’s character wouldn’t say out loud will be returning. “She [Lizzie’s animated-self] is still 13, which is like my favorite element of the show, ‘cause I still feel like I have my 13-year-old self in there telling me I’m not cool or speaking the truth when it can’t be spoken,” Duff admitted. Fans can’t wait to see how this iconic part of the show comes back, and what she has to say about all the new trials and triumphs she’s sure to face.

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It is Duff’s own love for Lizzie McGuire and the show’s endearingly honest premise, that we’re all just figuring it out on the way, that warms fans hearts to see it return. The show will air exclusively on Disney’s yet to launch streaming service, Disney+, presumably in the year 2020. Audiences can rest assured that in the care of the show’s original creator Terri Minsky with input from Duff, the new Lizzie McGuire will continue to teach us the valuable and formative life lessons that it did when we were younger. Thank goodness we have our favorite life coach back!

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