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Lindsay Phillips: An Old Soul, Free Spirit and Campus Cutie

Lindsay Phillips on the far right

Name: Lindsay Phillips

Age: 20

Major: Family and Child Sciences

Year: Junior

Relationship Status: Single

Favorite Quote: “Today you are you, that is truer than true. There is no one alive that is youer than you.” – Dr. Suess

Her Campus (HC): Tell us a little bit about yourself?

Lindsay Phillips (LP): I’m a free spirit. I like to have fun but I’m also serious when I need to be. I try to be myself all the time because I think that’s an important way to live your life. I have a chinchilla. I work at the circus and I’m in Lady SpiritHunters. I also work at American Eagle in Governor’s Square Mall. I would like to be a pediatric physical therapist.

HC: What inspired you to want to be involved that line of work?

LP: I actually was a patient when I was younger for a good part of my life because I played club soccer. I had to go through it and I just find it really interesting. With kids you actually have to help them better their entire body, whereas with adults it’s just that one area like a shoulder or knee.

Lindsay working at the circus

HC: Tell us about the work you do at the circus?

LP: At the circus I’m responsible for designing and sewing all of the costumes for the performers as well as doing the hair and makeup with my supervisor. My mom and my grandma taught me how to sew. My mom is actually from Jamaica, and they lived on a farm and they preferred to sew all of their own clothes, so it’s always been something in my family. They thought it was an important task to know and they taught me, and that eventually benefitted me I guess. My aunt also works at a design school.

HC:  Would that be something you’ve thought about pursuing a career in?

LP: Oh of course. Of course. It’s so interesting, but I have many passions so I just have to choose the one that best fits me. I love sewing and designing but it’s so hard to get into. I would rather help people through physical therapy, but maybe in the future! You never know!

HC: What is your life philosophy?

LP: Every day, living life, I really just try to be myself. There’s so much pressure to be something that we forget to be ourselves. That is the most important thing. I really want to know who you are so I’m going to be me, because why hide who you are? If people don’t like it then there are going to be people who do. I stress being yourself because I think everyone is beautiful in their own special way.

Janecia Britt, originally from Tampa, FL is a junior at Florida State who’s enchanted by all things fashion, interior design and art. Majoring in Editing, Writing and Media with a minor in Communication, she has big goals to move to NYC after graduation. She's a brand ambassador for eff.y.bee jewelry, a member of the Victoria Secret PINK Street Team and a Lady SpiritHunter! When she’s not writing for HerCampus, she is baking, crafting and cooking for her friends. You can find her taking Step and Pilates classes at the Leach or canvassing all the boutiques of Tallahassee. She’s a busy bee but puts her heart and soul into everything she does (including her infamous desserts).
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