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Lindsay Lohan Is Back and Ready to Reclaim Her Spotlight

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FSU chapter.

Courtesy: People Magazine

“I’m back bitches” – a statement Lindsay Lohan released about her upcoming prank reality series “The Anti-Social Network.” This seems like a show no one will want to miss.

Lindsay Lohan, who took a three-year break from both the small screen and the big screen, is back and ready to meddle with people’s social media lives. On this show she will be controlling other people’s accounts, testing how important social media is to others.

Throughout the process of messing around on people’s social media accounts, the owner of the account will receive three challenges that they must accomplish. Not only will they get their ‘oh so special’ accounts back, but they will also be the receiver of prizes.  How important is social media to people today? What will they do to gain control of their accounts?

Right now, the show is currently being pitched to different networks. Hopefully we will be seeing Lindsay Lohan coming back onto the screen of our living room as we see her take control of people’s social media lives.


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