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What My Friends Had To Say About Their Getting Ready Routine Order 

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FSU chapter.

Getting ready in the perfect order is the ultimate conundrum. Everyone has an order they stick to and typically has a reason behind their method. I thought to myself, what order do I even follow? After some consideration, I’m definitely a hair, makeup, outfit girl. Now, don’t hate me; I’ll explain why later. Based on my findings from my friends and through TikTok content, I’m going to break down some commonly used GRWM orders.

Makeup, Hair, Outfit: Let the makeup marinate

The order of this seems to appeal most to the girlies who, after showering and starting their sacred routine, want their makeup to “marinate” (or set in well) before going out. I’ll confess that this was the order I followed for a while in high school, and it was a pretty good routine until I realized how refreshing it felt to step out the door with a crisp face of blush and mascara to top everything off. Putting on an outfit at the end of this order is a bit risky, especially if it’s not laid out already, but then again, “It’s not what you wear, it’s how you wear it.” TikTok creator Kaylie Stewart seems to agree with this method. 

Outfit, Hair, makeup: No Stain No Pain 

For people who are sick and tired of having their foundation on their clothes and leaving the house with a neckline stain they have to endure for the rest of the day, there might be a solution. My friend Michelle, a student-athlete here at FSU, says, “I can’t deal with squeezing my head through my cheer uniform with a full face. It’s impossible. So, I just wear what I need to wear, dedicate my time to my hair, and finish with my makeup.” She told me all about her hate for makeup stains, and I can’t blame her for not wanting to come back home after a long day just to scrub it off with OxiClean for 30 minutes. If you wear any type of uniform, I totally get the hype over the outfit, hair, makeup order.  

Hair, Makeup, Outfit: be comfy

According to my friend Melanie, “Hair, makeup, then outfit. I do my hair first with products and move on to makeup after washing my hands off. The outfit goes last. Why would I wear jeans while doing makeup? It just doesn’t make sense to me.” This reasoning seems valid. I mean, why would anyone want to do makeup in their clothes and risk staining a perfect outfit?

Melanie also mentioned that “an outfit is for out the door, not the process.” Seeing as this is my routine order preference, I definitely agree. This order lets me have a fresh face without worrying about sweating off my makeup all while blow-drying my hair, and no risk of staining the outfit. I’ve got to give it to her: The jeans argument made me question if this is the golden order.  

Outfit, Makeup, Hair: Levels To It

My friend Angie is a firm believer in the outfit, makeup, hair order. After giving me her input for this one, she almost won me over with her train of thought. In her words, “Outfit, makeup, then my hair. The outfit goes first because coming out of the shower, wearing something helps me figure out how fancy or casual the look is and how to do my makeup, which is my next step. Lastly, I do my hair because I can decide what I feel like doing to it to finish off.” I don’t think I’ll convert to this routine anytime soon, but the train of thought behind basing her next step on the vibe of the outfit is pretty genius. 

If there’s anything this question revealed, it’s how differently people get ready. What’s your getting ready routine order? 

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Juliana Castillo is a staff writer at the Her Campus Chapter at Florida State University. She loves writing about relatable topics, and how-to guides as a college student navigating her way around college, and lifestyle. Beyond her position at Her Campus FSU, Juliana is pursuing a major in Editing, Writing, and Media. She is a member of two pre-law student organizations at her university and oversees the digital content creation for one registered student organization! In her free time, Juliana loves to drink matcha, work out, organize her Pinterest boards, and watch romantic comedies with her friends at her apartment. She loves to explore trending podcasts and learn about important news.