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3 Summer Fashion Predictions for 2024

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FSU chapter.

Summer’s just around the corner, which means it’s time to start swapping out the leather and long sleeves for more breathable, light clothing.

If you’re unfamiliar with the tankini trend discourse circulating TikTok, the heart of the matter comes down to the mass slow-burn rejection of micro trends that we’ve seen over the last year or so. Essentially, debate over whether tankinis will be opted the it-girl bathing suit style for the summer sparked many to contest that bikinis, on the other hand, are still in. On the contrary, however, a large group of TikTok fashion lovers claim there need not be a set bathing suit trend at all and we should all wear what we want instead.  

Although many consumers are moving away from the constant adding, removing, and updating of their wardrobes, there are certainly still a good amount of microtrends popping up this summer season. Here are three looks I expect to see.

1. Breathable, flowy pants 

Wide-leg pants will stay in this season. I think we’ll see much more creative and fun takes on the linen pants that we saw starting last summer. With last summer’s look concentrated in white or beige pants, I think we’ll be seeing many more colorful patchwork patterns. Also, the stripes and gingham patterns in boxer-style pants and shorts seem to be sticking around.

This look is perfect for a beach coverup or a lazy summer day spent strolling through boutique window shops. This look can be paired with a tiny top for a silhouetted fit, or you can throw on an oversized button-up for an effortless, elevated look.  

2. Pops of color

I think we’ll continue to see the neutral color palette across the board, primarily sticking to blacks, whites, browns, and blues. However, I think there’ll be small, creative pops of fun and bright colors like red, orange, and green through coordinating accessories. A successful way to coherently achieve this look is by matching your shoes with sunglasses and a bag while keeping the rest of the outfit more casual and with a neutral base tone.  

3. Denim-on-denim

I’ve seen lots of denim-on-denim looks all over my Pinterest feed and think it’s going to rise in popularity over the next few months. This look is super fun because of the endless creative outfits you can achieve, especially with denim skirts being so hot right now. I’d love to see people try this trend out by mixing washes to make it a statement look, while also keeping it somewhat monochrome.

I think this would be best saved for the early fall months solely because denim can be hot and uncomfortable for the summer. But I still think this style is so chic, and we’ll be seeing it over the summer regardless.  

Although microtrends are duly slowing down, many of the ones we’ll see over the summer are doable with clothes that many people already have in their wardrobes. I love the styles we’re seeing in fashion that prioritize comfort and can’t wait to try out some of these looks this summer, and maybe you will too! 

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Paige McGuinn is a second year student at FSU studying Communication/Media Studies and Business. She loves writing about current events, pop culture and trends. With a passion for female empowerment, she is so excited to be a part of the Her Campus community!