The Law of Attraction: A Student’s Guide to Manifestation

We, as humans, are not only subject to the powers of our universe but also have the internal and external resources to attract whatever we’re putting our time and effort into. The power of the energy we project determines the power we receive in return. To make this concept seem a little less intangible, I will be talking about my understandings of the Law of Attraction and manifestation, a (kinda) simple guide to achieving your intentions, a how-to on the application of the Law of Attraction in college, as well as my own experiences with manifestation.

What is the Law of Attraction

Though it means something different to everyone, my understanding of the Law of Attraction comes from the belief that the energy we put out into the universe will come back to us with its original intent. The Law of Attraction, by definition, suggests that focusing on positive or negative thoughts can bring positive or negative experiences into your life. As such, manifestation occurs when our thoughts reflect our realities. I believe that these concepts, though admittedly subjective, are logical by nature and can be achieved through a series of phases.

Guide for Effective Manifestation

1. The first phase in successful manifestation is believing in the process through which you wish to achieve your intentions. I suggest doing some research of your own to find YOUR reason for manifesting. Creating your own perception of the Law of Attraction is important because manifesting is dependent on dedication. If you don’t believe in the processes of manifestation, it is less likely, as the Law of Attraction itself hypothesizes.

2.The second phase is establishing your intention or intentions (the more the merrier). This can be as simple as making a list (I’m a big list gal) or talking positively with the people in your life about your goals. Using definite language like “I will” as opposed to “I want to” not only empowers you to accomplish these goals, but also serves as reassurance that your intentions have the potential to become realities.

3. The third phase relates to the first in that you must BELIEVE that your intentions will be actualized. And though no one can tell you how or what to believe, I recommend reflecting on your intentions every day to increase your confidence in their actualization. Consistent reflection is essential because the more energy you put into your “new reality,” the more likely you are to manifest this reality. Science.

4. The fourth phase is dependent on your ability to make choices that will guide you towards achieving your intentions. The best advice I can give you is to allow yourself to experience things that align with these intentions. Find that balance between taking risks and trusting yourself to accept opportunities that will allow you to reach your goals. I genuinely believe that everything happens for a reason and, if your intention is meant to be, it will happen.

5. The fifth phase is all about evaluating your growth, whether personal, professional or otherwise, and recognizing your progress towards or achievement of your intentions. Evaluation, by its humblest nature, will teach you the value of your own imagination and can motivate you to manifest more. Though you do not have to quantify your achievements, recording your thoughts in a journal and regular self-reflection makes this progress tangible.

6. The sixth, and final phase, is practicing gratitude for attracting your intentions. Potentially, this is the most important phase as it marks a cycle of manifestation and can, when done with acceptance, foster the success of future intentions. Give yourself the praise you deserve, whether that means doing a face mask or taking some time for yourself to reflect, and allow yourself to visualize the life you want through the repetition of these phases.

Courtesy: Denys Nevozhai on Unsplash

How to apply the Law of Attraction in College

Though the Law of Attraction can be relevant for anyone, my experience has taught me that manifestation is especially beneficial for college students, like myself. As students, we are constantly applying for jobs and internships, balancing challenging classes with busy social lives,and loading our resumes with on- and off-campus involvement,all of which require energy. So why not direct that energy into bettering ourselves? I use the phases I have provided above on the daily and have seen progress in each and every part of my life because of them. The power of manifestation has truly changed the way I perceive success, and can work for you too.

My Experience with Manifestation

I’ve been familiar with manifestation for a while, but it wasn’t until my senior year of high school when I began applying to colleges, that I recognized the power the Law of Attraction had in shaping the life that I wanted. After a ton of research, I began to realize that the moment my intentions become more than the contents of my passion planner or iPhone notes, they developed the ability to shape the progression of my life. If I tried to describe the opportunities that my understanding of manifestation has provided me, this article would morph into a thesis, but these concepts have truly made me more aware of myself, the world around me and the infinite world within me. While taking accountability for the progression of our own lives can be intimidating, especially in college, the more time you dedicate to understanding the rationality of your own energy, the more gratifying your life can become.

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