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Laughing at the Glass Ceiling: A Little Late with Lilly Singh Debuts

After the end of Last Call with Carson Daly, NBC set out to find a new personality to host their late-night TV slot. In mid-March, they announced that the late-night show would be filled in by YouTube personality and comedian, Lilly Singh. NBC is breaking ground by hiring the first woman on their network to host a late-night talk show, as well as being a person of color. Not only that, Ms. Singh is the only and first late-night host to identify as bisexual. Besides all of this, the network predicts that Ms. Singh will be able to merge viewership from her YouTube channel which has amassed 14 million subscribers to her late-night show which debuted last Monday, Sept 16.

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In her new show, Lilly Singh kicks things off by addressing the elephant in the room – herself. It starts off in an NBC boardroom with an all-white male executive board with her marching into the room in a bright suit where she has to literally pull up her own seat to the table. After this initial introductory scene, the show morphed back into the classic late-night talk show setting where Ms. Singh walks out in another bright red suit. She starts off by warning viewers that there is nothing wrong with their TV and that NBC is not playing Slumdog Millionaire after Seth Myers.

Her first interview on the show was her self-pronounced role-model, Mindy Kaling. In it, they discuss the importance of representation in shows and movie screens. On a softer note, they also discussed Kaling’s past writing for The Office. Kaling said that if The Office were still running, Michael Scott would definitely “dab” at everything. The show also included a cameo from Rainn Wilson, aka Dwight from The Office. In it, he brings Lilly Singh a “white noise machine” which included the sound of someone wearing Birkenstocks buying a Patagonia jacket. With that, throughout the show, you’ll also be able to spot a picture of Lilly Singh’s dog sitting on her desk. Aside from all of the jokes, NBC has etched their names in the late-night history books once again by hiring Lilly Singh. From this, Singh has not only expressed her gratitude, but also the pressure she feels to make sure the doors stay open for the next woman to walk through the doors of late-night comedy hosting.


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Angelica Afanador is a sophomore at Florida State double majoring in Spanish and Political Science. On a daily basis, she attempts to emulate the spirits of Martha Stewart (minus tax evasion) and AOC. She also enjoys Colombian coffee, patriarchal rue, and the versatile nature of birks.
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