Kylie’s New Kyshadow Palette Might Be The Biggest Thing of 2017

Everyone freaked out about Kylie’s lip kit release last year, but for those of you who haven’t heard yet, Kylie has developed a new Kyshadow: The Royal Peach Palette. While your source of excitement so far this year probably came from your class getting canceled, this 19-year-old’s most exciting moment of the year occurred when her new palette sold out in less than 10 minutes online. The product runs for $45.00 USD on

On January 2nd, Kylie Cosmetics made an Instagram post advertising a sneak peek of the new palette on her Snapchat. Kylie Cosmetics fans instantly went nuts for it. The Instagram page continued to hype up the product every day until it was released on Kylie’s website, on January 12th at 3 PM. Not to anyone’s surprise, the Royal Peach Palette sold out in only 9 minutes, according to Kylie Cosmetic’s Instagram post. The product was restocked once on January 19th, but once again sold out almost instantaneously.

Courtesy: Kylie Cosmetic's Instagram


Since the release, beauty guru’s have been going crazy over this product. Beauty YouTuber Jeffree Star, was one of the first to review the palette and post a tutorial with nothing but amazing things to say about it. Star initially raved about the packaging, with the rose gold letters “KYLIE” printed large on one side and a rendered photo of her eyes on the other, it’s captivating before you even flip it open. Once open, the palette features a large mirror, and even comes with an eye shadow brush that Star claims to be of high quality.

Courtesy: YouTube


Unlike Kylie’s previous Kyshadow palettes (the Burgundy Palette and the Bronze Palette) the Royal Peach Palette features twelve shades from light peachy/champagne colors, to a pale olive green, a deep colored peach and royal blue. When I first saw the name of the palette before the photo was released, I immediately thought of the Too Faced Sweet Peach palette. The two palettes do have some similarities, but Kylie’s palette definitely has it’s own unique, bold vibe.

Courtesy: TooFaced

When looking at my own personal makeup products, which include Kylie’s eyeshadow and lip products, my Burgundy Palette Kyshadow is one of my favorites. The formula is smooth, blendable and the pigmentation of each color is remarkable. I can only imagine the Royal Peach Palette meets or exceeds it’s standard of quality. Kylie has made no official announcement of when the palette will be restocked, so until then keep an eye on Kylie Cosmetics Instagram—I know I will be.