Kennedy Stuart: What Inspires This Aspiring Photographer

Name: Kennedy Stuart

Hometown: St. Petersburg, FL

Major: Graphic Design

Year: Junior

Relationship Status: Taken


Her Campus (HC): When did you start getting into photography?

Kennedy Stuart (KS) I started getting serious about photography in my junior year of high school. I’m not really sure what sparked my interest, but back then it was only a hobby.

HC: What inspires you as a photographer or where do you find most of your inspiration?

KS: Most of my inspiration comes from just the love of life itself. I want to capture the happiest moments in a person’s life or the things that they love the most so that they can always have something to remember it. I think it’s amazing to have this small ticket back in time, and I guess that’s my main inspiration for what I do. To give people something that doesn’t change even when everything else does.

HC: What is the hardest part?

KS: The hardest part of photography for me personally is being able to maintain the natural feel of someone’s personality. It’s so easy to get caught up in the outfits or the scenery when what is really important is capturing the person and who they are within the picture.

HC: Is the editing process as tedious as we all think it is?

KS: Honestly, yes. The editing process is one of the most difficult parts. There are just so many aspects to it. Should I use a preset? Ok, which one? Is it too bright? Or too dark? Or too much of this color or not enough sunlight? These are all questions that I have to ask along with hundreds more before I can be confident in the photo I’ve taken. It’s also one of the most fun parts of this field. You get to be creative and express your personal taste.

HC: What are your favorite things to shoot?

KC: I prefer portraiture, but also enjoy urban photography. I like to capture people more so than nature or cities. It’s more one on one and relatable and you get a chance to get to know someone and what they’re all about. You also get to see their reactions when you show them a photo of themselves that they love and getting to see their confidence rise is one of the most amazing things as a photographer to accomplish. So, I definitely enjoy portraiture the most.

HC: Where do you hope to see your photography going?

KS: I hope to eventually open a studio and a gallery back in my hometown. I would love to do more senior photos and family portraits and maybe even travel somewhere and capture something exotic. At the end of the day, I really would like to have an established business and take portraits for a living.

HC: What vibe do you go for when working on a shoot?

KS: Generally I go for a relaxed kind of vibe. I just want my clients and models to feel comfortable in their own skin and to have a good time. I’m not one of those photographers that’s uptight or that has some kind of specific style or expectation. If you’re having a good time and feeling good about yourself and the shoot then that’s the perfect kind of vibe for me.


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All images courtesy of Kennedy Stuart.