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Keep The Love Alive with these ‘90s Dating Trends That Bring Back All The Nostalgia

Give me a time machine so I can go back to the ‘90s. I wasn’t even born in the ‘90s but I’m super nostalgic about it. Spice Girls, mood rings, glow sticks, and cootie catchers were iconic staples of the nineties but, mostly, I miss the dating trends of the era because dating in the ‘90s was just so different.

‘90s babes were so freakin’ romantic. They were all about whole-heartedly feeling their crush and they weren’t scared of putting those mushy feelings out there. Dating was exciting and had actual meaningful interactions. My love life would have thrived before Tinder took over. Tinder only taught me how to juggle multiple swipe rights at once. Of course, dating trends have to transform with the times but here are a few dating trends we should bring back as soon as possible.

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Making mixtapes for your crush

Please, ‘90s cupid angels, run that sh*t back. Mixtapes are so fun to listen to and making a playlist takes off a lot of the pressure of using big words to express those gushy feelings. It’s so much more meaningful than posting a couple’s picture on the gram and so much more thoughtful than “shooting your shot” in the DMs. Music in the ‘90s was awesome but we still have some saucy love songs today.

Having your friends set you up with someone they know

Blind dates are now a long-lost concept. It feels like today it’s just every girl for herself when it comes to meeting and falling in love with new guys. Sure, you could definitely get a date with a quick left swipe but with a blind date, you were more likely to go on a date with someone that’s really compatible with you and who isn’t an internet creep.

Going out for dinner and a movie

“Netflix and chill” has gotten stale. It takes zero creativity and zero effort for someone to invite you over to their house because that’s what they were planning on doing regardless of whether you were going to be there with them or not. Why not go for a movie in an actual movie theater and then have food that tastes good.

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Having late-night phone calls

There is nothing quite like staying up all night on the phone talking about everything under the sun until you accidentally fall asleep and wake up wondering if the other person heard any of the embarrassing sounds you make while you sleep. This trend is not as dead as the others so kudos to the old school romantics who prefer genuine conversation over text.

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Sending handwritten love notes

Texts like “Wyd l8r tonight?” or “had fun last nite. miss u.” just won’t cut it. Solve bad texting woes by taking the time to grab a real piece of paper and write those feels down in a super cute and actually romantic way. What would you rather? An Instagram DM that’s trying to be quirky or a love letter showing exactly how they feel?

Actually going out with someone before dating them

Don’t be reckless with love. Try actually going on several, well-planned dates to see whether or not you two are compatible and really get to know each other on a deeper level. Connections take time to build. That’s why instant matches can be a recipe for disaster.

If by now you’re getting old school dating nostalgia, give these dating trends a try by going on a ‘90s themed date. You don’t have to ditch your phone to do it, just don’t use your phone as a shortcut to building a relationship. Take your boo rollerblading or set some time during the weekend to catch a movie at the theatre after you two grab dinner. Anything to keep romance real and alive.

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