Katie Cernkovic: Aspiring Pediatrician

Name: Katie Cernkovic

Year: Sophomore

Age: 19

Major: Biology

Relationship Status: Single

Courtesy: Jennifer Portillo

Her Campus (HC): What are you involved with on campus?

Katie Cernkovic (KC): I am a sister of Phi Mu, a member of the Medical Honors Society and Emergency Medical Responsive Program. I also volunteer at the YMCA a lot and I work at Tallahassee Memorial Hospital, so I’m always pretty busy.

HC: Wow, that’s a lot. What do you do at the YMCA and at Tallahassee Memorial Hospital? 

KC: I worked at the YMCA over the summer as a camp counselor and I just volunteer there when they have events from time to time. I am an EKG technician at the hospital, so I basically interact with the patients and interpret the EKG tests. It’s funny because I was just a volunteer over the summer and my boss was complaining about not having techs that are available on the weekend so I was like hello it’s me and that’s how I got that.

HC: What exactly is the Emergency Medical Responsive Program?

KC: The Emergency Responsive Program you have to take a class which I’m taking this semester, and it’s training us for next fall. We will be sort of like first responders on campus. So, if anyone calls 911 while on campus we will be notified and most likely the first people to the scene. We will sometimes be at the football and baseball games and I’ll be certified to work in the wellness center. 

HC: Seems like your schedule is pretty booked. How do you find time for all of that with school? Do you have any hobbies?

KC: I am pretty busy all the time but I find time. I don’t really have any hobbies, but in my free time I enjoy hanging out outside with my friends or going to Merv’s, which is my favorite place to eat in Tally. I also love traveling.

HC: Nice! What kind of places do you like to travel to?

KC: My dad works for airlines so we travel all the time. My favorite trip I’ve ever been on was when my sister and I took a trip to Thailand over the summer with my sister. We volunteered there and help rehabilitate elephants for 12 days. It was an amazing experience.