The Kardashian/Jenner Sisters If They Were FSU Students

If by some universe-shattering turn of events the Kardashians enrolled here at the greatest school of all time, Florida State University, here are a few fun theories about what kinds of students the Kardashian gang would be here:

1. Kim Kardashian

She’s the fanciest, "selfie-queeniest" gal at Standard. She would offer rounds of Y-bombs to every single human including the bartender after only two mixed shots. She would be the queen of the 'Derd bathroom, telling every girl that she looks beautiful with her sweaty ponytail and greasy looking face that has inevitably come from this night out. Her major is communications and she is in charge of social media for all the clubs she is a part of. She is a brand ambassador for a bunch of different local companies. She trains at Leach and eats Vale every other day. She also has all her Talloweek outfits ready.

Courtesy: Instyle

2. Kourtney Kardashian

She is 100 percent the one that does not make it past Happy Hour on a Friday. Her long and stressful week of work and involvement drive her to be the happiest and trendiest person on College Ave. Happy hour lighting is the only thing keeping her from going insane after another ridiculously long week. Her major is nursing and that really stresses her out, but it's totally worth it.

Courtesy: E! Online

She likes hanging out at Club Stroz, where she sits on the third floor and talks to anyone about the latest gossip and scandals. She and her boyfriend are on and off again day-to- day. She just really wants to go to his formal, so she’ll put up with him for a while.

3. Khloe Kardashian

She is the “baddest b” on game day. She has the perfect glam-girl-next-door outfit that screams extra but totally works. Her look shows her love for the 'Noles and frat boys. Khloe is at every tailgate—shot-gunning and ice luge-ing—just loving every minute of it. Her major is business and she totally kills it. Her fave things to do around Tally are going to the Leach and frat parties, and planning Waltzes.

Courtesy: Just Jared

4. Kendall Jenner

She is the one who just goes to the pre-game because she “has to study,” or she might go out and leave early to eat a pizza and go to sleep. She’s fun for the ten minutes she’s out, but gets super bored and is always “over it.” Her favorite place is El Patron because it’s chill and she likes getting a side of guac with her BOGO Marg. Her boomerang story is poppin’ with cool coffee cups and fun drinks that she didn’t finish. Kendall loves escaping to vintage stores, Cascades Park and fun little unknown places that make for great Instagram posts. Obviously, she models for all the fabulous fashion magazines on campus.

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5. Kylie Jenner

She is definitely the girl with the best makeup at every place she hits up. She is part of the crowd that doesn't let the night end from pre to post. Her makeup is on fleek and she is ready to rage. Her favorite place was Coli and she’s still super pissed it isn’t there anymore, but she's giving Bajas a try. Her style always stands out and her poses on balcony pictures are always #goals. Her snap stories from going out will be the reason for your FOMO. Her major is entrepreneurship and she is the most involved—doing everything in her power to be a big name on campus while still being the most chill girl ever.

Courtesy: Pinterest