Justin Bieber Burrito Scandal: Fact or Fiction?

Justin Bieber was recently exposed all over the media for eating a burrito in the most bizarre way imaginable. News sources all across America picked up on this interesting take on burrito eating by one of the most famous pop stars in the world. The picture shows Justin Bieber sitting on a bench enjoying a burrito... Sideways. Yes, you read that correctly, he was eating his burrito horizontally as if it was a corn on the cob of some sort. Well, America was not having it. The photo was released and all of America collectively gasped. People were questioning his eating skills and perhaps Justin as an individual. Just as America was losing their minds over this scandal, the plot thickened. It turns out, the picture was not even of Justin Bieber and was instead one of the biggest pop culture pranks of 2018, possibly even of the 2000s.

People were too awestruck by the alleged pop star’s eating habit to even begin to question if that was the real Justin Bieber or not. A famous YouTube channel known for infamous pranks, “Yes Theory”, hired a Justin Bieber look-like named Brad Sousa who helped stage the whole thing. Brad already looks unsettlingly similar to Justin Bieber, but the makeover he received put that man on JB’s level. They went wig shopping and even got Brad to wear fake tattoos- making the public believe that this was truly Justin Bieber.

Courtesy: Reddit.com

“Yes Theory” wanted to make this stunt as real as possible, so they headed to the sitting with Justin Bieber’s stunt double and created two viral stunts. The first stunt involved Brad helping a grandmother across the street, because who doesn’t love a humble and helpful pop star! A star-sighting tour bus helped create the second stunt where our fake Bieber hopped on the tour bus to say hi and everyone lost their minds! Not a single person was questioning if this was the real Bieber or not. Now that the group had enough credibility, they took our fake Biebs to the scene of the crime: that poor park bench where the unfortunate burrito incident took place. After placing the burrito picture on Reddit, things really took off from there and shortly became a viral sensation.

A few of Justin Bieber’s pals, such as his manager, Scooter Braun, knew it was not the real JB, however, he played along and posted the burrito picture onto his Instagram. We love a supportive sister!

Katy Perry also threw some shade at the Burrito picture, claiming she always knew it wasn’t Justin where she tweeted “I knew it wasn’t the hair was too clean”.

If you want to see how #YesTheory pulled off this prank, follow this link and see if you would have thought this was the real Biebs like the rest of America did.

I don’t know about you, but thanks to this #BieberBurritoScandal, I trust the internet even less. Why do you have trust issues? Mine are apparently from a burrito. Don’t believe everything you see. More importantly, don’t believe everything that’s Biebs related.