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Jubilee Media is a popular YouTube channel that has gained and maintained constant popularity. Jubilee Media was first known as Jubilee Project and was founded in 2010 by Jason Y. Lee. Lee is a Korean-American born in Kansas who left his job on Wall Street to pursue a career on YouTube. In his TedTalk “Why I Quit My Job to Pursue My Childhood Dream,” he talked about how unhappy he was because he wanted to please his parents. They told him he needed a secure job if he wanted to be happy in the future. When he finally achieved getting a job on Wall Street, he said he was still unhappy and wanted to change his life. On the Own Your Self podcast, he said that he “wished [he] had the courage to live a life true to [himself] and not what others expected of [him].” After changing his life, Lee was nominated for the 2017 Unforgettable Gala’s digital influencer award.

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Lee’s company, Jubilee, produces videos with the theme of humanity and the good nature of humankind. Showing that everyone is human, despite their race and mindset. He says the reason he created Jubilee was to create a movement for human good. The company has been recently nominated for a Streamy award for its original content creation on its series Middle Ground.

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The Streamys is an online award show that is live-streamed. It is run by YouTube and is called “the award show of the new generation” by Time magazine. The Streamys started in 2009 and only web series are allowed to be nominated. This award show is an opportunity to recognize popular web series that could not make it onto a television program. Past winners include Shane Dawson for Creator of the Year, The Try Guys for Show of the Year, James Charles for Makeup and more!

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The Streamys have over 3 million subscribers on YouTube and are constantly making new content. A few of their popular series are Middle ground, the Spectrum and Seeking Secrets.

In Spectrum, they bring in a few people and ask them if they agree with certain statements. For example, they have videos like: Do All Teen Moms Think the Same, Do All Vegans Think the Same, etc. After a person has decided whether they agree or disagree with the statement, they give each person a chance to speak out on why they choose that option. This structure of the video gives the viewers a chance to have insight into people’s reasoning.

Seeking Secrets is exactly as it sounds. They ask people to anonymously write down their secrets. Most people cannot predict what to expect from these videos since secrets can range from very depressing to sweet. People have different experiences and reading their secrets is a way to look into their life. This can create an understanding between people that will never meet.

In Jubilee’s videos, the team brings together people with two different experiences and compares their opinions. In the video Ivy League vs Community College, they ask questions on how people are treated when they mention what school they graduated from. These strangers also talk about their experience and hear why others agree or disagree.

Jubliee Media has been on YouTube for nine years. Their content has made it easier to hear other people’s opinions about different topics. Some topics are more sensitive, but they ask the questions that people are afraid to ask.

Voting for the Streamys is still underway and the winners will be announced on Friday, Dec. 13.

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