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John Paul Jones Released a Friendsgiving Album! Here’s What We Know…

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FSU chapter.

You may remember John Paul Jones from Hannah Brown’s recent season of The Bachelorette or even this past summer’s Bachelor in Paradise. However, from now on, John Paul Jones will be known as the leading artist in Thanksgiving and Friendsgiving holiday songs. Here’s why.

What in the world? JPJ can sing?

You may be asking yourself, wasn’t Jed Wyatt the one who kept bringing out his guitar so the nation could hear his singing voice? Yes, you’re right. It was Jed who used ABC’s hit show as a springboard to musical fame and as far as what the show aired, the audience never saw anything pertaining to musical talent from John Paul Jones. Currently, JPJ is most remembered for his silly antics and sweeping Tayshia Adams off her feet.

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However, the musical spotlight is on John this time and people are here for it. On Tues, Nov 19, John Paul Jones released his first EP: A Very Special Friendsgiving. But he didn’t do it alone. Get this, John teamed up with The Honey Baked Ham Company. Together they’re launching the “first-ever” soundtrack for Thanksgiving, brought to you by The Honey Baked Jam Band (get it?) and of course John Paul Jones.

The Idea Behind It

“Being a company that specializes in ham and turkey, among other things, Thanksgiving is obviously an important holiday for us and our consumers,” said JoAnn Herold, Chief Marketing Officer at the Honey Baked Ham Company, to Business Insider. “However, we realize for a lot of people, Friendsgiving is just as important, so we created an album of songs that speaks to and celebrates the universal truths of this special holiday in a fun, lighthearted way – and only how HoneyBaked could.”

The Album!

A Very Special Friendsgiving includes four songs aptly named “The Friendsgiving Song,” “Tryptophan,” “All Gravy” and last but not least “Thanks for Coming, It’s My Bedtime.” The album cover includes a luscious-haired John Paul Jones in a simple black t-shirt, holding a guitar and dramatically looking off into the distance.

According to Us Weekly, One track, Friendsgiving,” boasts references to the 24-year-old’s Bachelor Nation fame. “Well all of my friends / Are here for all the right reasons,” Jones sings. “Some of them are single / Some of them from different seasons / But this is one group date / That we all really love / And these good vibes / Are something you can’t get rid of.”

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JPJ sings on all of these songs and even raps! Other lyrics include “Yes, you can wear a speedo” which John is known for on Bachelor in Paradise, “Would you be my honey baked baby?” and also “We’re all HoneyBaked happy.”

As for now, JPJ has not made a formal announcement about his music debut on any of his social media platforms. However, HoneyBaked Hams has tweeted and posted about it on their Instagram stories and feed!

You can find the Friendsgiving album on Soundcloud or Spotify! For more, check out HoneyBaked Ham’s Instagram for behind the scenes footage with John Paul Jones.

Happy Friendsgiving and happy Thanksgiving!

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