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James Charles: The Newest Face of CoverGirl

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FSU chapter.

On Tuesday, Oct. 11, Katy Perry had the honor of announcing CoverGirl’s groundbreaking news to the world: The first ever CoverBoy has arrived! Since CoverGirl began in 1961 there have only ever been female spokespersons for the brand, but that streak has ended with 17-year-old Instagram sensation, James Charles. His makeup skills will blow you away, inspire you to watch 500 makeup tutorials and then convince you to buy the best highlighter you can find. You have been warned. This article is not responsible for the copious amounts of money you’ll want to spend at Sephora after reading.  

Courtesy: Instagram

James Charles certainly wasn’t the first man to wear makeup, but what sets him apart from the rest is his confidence and his refusal to let what other people might think of him change who he is or what he enjoys doing. You might remember James as the high schooler who took one of the most glamourous senior portraits known to man, at least that’s how I recognized the teenage makeup prodigy. His picture circulated as a meme a few weeks back, getting thousands of likes and shares on social media because of his radiating confidence, airbrushed complexion and perfectly filled brows. Seriously, how could you not be impressed by the beauty of James’ senior portrait? Just allow yourself to get lost in the perfectly applied highlighter. 

Courtesy: Instagram

Although his ability to flawlessly apply makeup seems like that of a seasoned professional, surprisingly enough, James Charles first began dabbling in the world of makeup just over one year ago, when he made his current Instagram account to record his creations. Like most us at home, James learned how to execute his amazing looks by watching makeup tutorials on YouTube, but he never could have imagined just how far this love of makeup would take him. In just one year he’s gained 591K Instagram followers, countless sponsors, a very successful YouTube channel AND became the newest face of CoverGirl.  If that doesn’t show you just how much can be accomplished in one year with hard work and dedication, I don’t know what will. 

Courtesy: Instagram

James announced his newest job as the first male ambassador for CoverGirl to his Insta followers on Wednesday, saying, “I started my Instagram one year ago to inspire others and as an artistic outlet to challenge myself creatively. I truly hope that this shows that anyone and everyone can wear makeup and can do anything if you work hard.” Makeup is not an art form exclusive only to women; it is available for anyone who’s interested. It was only a matter of time before a major makeup company recognized the fact that men have the same ability to fall in love makeup as women, and embrace that fact with open arms. With James as the newest face of CoverGirl, the stigma of men being shamed for wearing makeup will be a thing of the past. So guys, go grab your blending brushes, lip kits and eye shadow palettes and get to work! 


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