It’s v2, Not Vine Two

Vine, an entire culture surrounded this platform, with references that only our generation would understand. But alas, vine had been deleted from our lives. We flocked to YouTube for compilations of the best vines. Some titled “vines that cure my depression” or “Vines for when you’re lonely and forget who you are”. An entire meme known as “RIP Vine” was created because Vine was canceled. Our generation mourned the loss of this beautiful app, and some even begged for it to be brought back. Well, our prayers have been answered. Just recently rumors have been stirred up about v2, the reincarnate of Vine.

On Dec. 6, 2017, Vine’s co-founder, Dom Hofmann, released a teaser image on Twitter. It featured “V2” with the same font and color scheme as the original app. The internet freaked out. Hofmann had previously tweeted about the possibility of creating a follow-up to vine because of the number of Direct Messages and tweets he acquired asking about a new app. The app will be called v2 because Twitter still technically owns Vine. You can see the difference in the logo (the lighter shade of green and the rounded typography).


Courtesy: TechCrunch


So the fans of Vine are asking, “What will this new app be like?” Dom Hofmann answers that it will be fairly close to the original app. A sibling, not a twin, if you will. The videos will span from two to six and a half seconds. There will be no filters or stickers like those of Snapchat or Instagram because he is trying to keep the aesthetic captured by the original app. It’s about being silly, weird and creative. Unlike Vine, v2 will be taking down any material that is copyrighted, such as music or movie scenes. On the plus side, v2 is likely to include something that will prevent users from stealing other user’s content, such as a watermark of some sort.  He also has ideas on how to provide highly viewed users with an income, much like YouTube. This was an issue with Vine, but Hofmann hopes to fix this with v2.

The rumored release date is sometime in 2018. Dom Hofmann hopes to have the program up and running by the time the weather gets warmer in the western hemisphere. I know I speak for the generation when I say we are all looking forward to the resurrection of Vine through v2. I’m looking forward to my 6.5 seconds of fame. Are you?


Courtesy: Twitter