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It’s Going to be a Seminole Shack Showdown

There is no doubt that community involvement runs rampant on the campus of Florida State University. Seminole Shack Showdown is an upcoming event that will no doubt showcase the passion that students have for raising awareness and making a change. The event will be taking place between March 25 and March 28 on Union Green.

You may be wondering: what is Seminole Shack Showdown raising awareness for?

Seminole Shack Showdown is hosted by FSU’s branch of Habitat for Humanity. The organization is partnering with FSU clubs to raise awareness for substandard housing. The goal is to construct these shacks in hopes of shedding some light on the issue of poverty. This is specific to the homelessness that is present in the Tallahassee area. The students participating in this event are very open to sharing information regarding the subject to anyone who is inquisitive enough to stop by and ask. So head on out and check them out!

What happens at the Seminole Shack Showdown?

It’s a showdown between the clubs here at FSU. There is nothing better than a little friendly competition to raise the stakes. The clubs are responsible for the construction of their own shacks. There is a wide array of shacks on display after all the construction is complete. Some of the shacks are completely decorated while others are lucky they are still standing at all.

Here are a couple examples:

Courtesy: The Tab FSU

Courtesy: FSU Habitat for Humanity

If all the different shacks were not enough to convince you to go check them out, there is also one major kicker. The students from these clubs do not just construct these shacks to let them sit vacantly. Nope! The students take up residence in the shacks for the days that the showdown is going on. They experience first-hand what it is like to live in less than ideal living conditions. This is a fight to prove that just having a roof over your head is not enough to maintain a good quality of life.

Why did I not participate this year?

I can’t answer this one for you, sorry. However, I can say that this event is hosted yearly. So if you or your club missed out on an opportunity to participate this year, be sure to reach out to FSU’s Habitat for Humanity to learn how to take part next year. For now, though, take a stroll by Seminole Shack Showdown and ask some questions about how you can help solve the problem of inadequate housing in your own community.

Seminole Shack Showdown is a great opportunity for clubs on FSU’s campus to raise awareness for homelessness and substandard housing in the Tallahassee area. Thank you to Habitat for Humanity and all the students who have volunteered their time to raising awareness for an honorable cause.

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