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Ever since this worldwide quarantine has started, our lives have been put on hold, but not our school work. I have been dreading finals week since the moment I finished my midterms. Now I have to discipline myself and study at home. Sounds easy right? Wrong. I usually study at the library to help me resist the temptation of binging shows all day instead of studying. Now all the libraries are closed and I am stuck inside all day. While I am grateful that I have more time to rest, I’m struggling to find motivation. I want other people to know that they are not the only ones. Now the biggest battle of the semester is here: finals week. Being so close to finishing the semester is what is keeping me motivated, and I have enough fight in me to survive this week.

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Even though the exams are all online now, that doesn’t mean they will be easier. Don’t fall into a false sense of security that you will be fine. From one person who takes an online class each semester, don’t fall for it. Take your classes seriously and avoid cramming at the last minute. I used to cram all the time and the stress was not worth it. Now I have started reviewing notes daily and studying is easier when it is spread out. I feel better and receive higher grades than I did when cramming for my exams. I remember all-nighters I pulled the day before the exam and I felt dead inside. You should not neglect your sleep during such an important week. If it starts to get late, go to bed and wake up earlier. It’s ok to take breaks. Don’t be so hard on yourself and always keep a positive mindset. I always thought of worst-case scenarios if I didn’t study for hours and would talk down to myself. When this happens, I remember the advice my mom gave me: “don’t work yourself to death at the beginning or you’ll be unable to make it to the end.” Whenever I had exams, she would call me the night before just to make sure I get the rest I needed before my exam. I am grateful for this because she always reminds me to slow down when I am racing to memorize every word in my notes. Having someone there who can catch your bad study habits is helpful because it’s hard to realize on your own.

Don’t get me wrong; don’t start studying less. This doesn’t mean you can ease up just yet. Just be careful and know your limits. If you are feeling stressed out, ask for help from your professor or use that as a sign that you need a break. Think of fun ways to blow off some steam. Most importantly, keep yourself healthy and don’t skip meals. I would get so focused on studying and forget that my body needs food to survive. When exam day is here, go in with that “in it to win it” attitude. After the first exam, I always feel like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders. Once you finish all your exams, take a self-care day and treat yourself. Be proud that you survived the semester and you are closer to getting your diploma. My favorite way to unwind after exam week is eating my favorite foods and taking a long nap. Then I can sleep better knowing that I did as best as I could on my finals.

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