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It’s Beginning to Look a Lot like Christmas – During Finals Week!

‘Tis the season, ladies! “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year” is right around the corner with the foreboding finals week the only thing standing in our way. With those bad boys quickly approaching and research paper due dates speeding towards us, I know everyone must be getting super stressed out. But what better way to deal with all the chaos than creating a fun festive environment to do all that studying in? Plus, you have to admit we all need a relaxer after all of those last-minute cram seshes every once in a while. Here’s how to make it feel like the holidays while still effectively juggling all the responsibilities you have as a college student.

1. Hang up Christmas lights, duh!

Nothing is quite like coming home to cheerful technicolor lights. I covered my ceiling with these beauties and I honestly grin ear to ear every time I turn them on. It sets a festive vibe for studying while providing motivation to finish all your work to put you one step closer to going home for the holidays. Wal-Mart has them for only $7.82!

2. Get a Christmas tree!

Pick out a small Charlie Brown Christmas tree to bring home for you and your roommates to enjoy. I did this last year and we each bought an ornament to hang that matched out personality. We loved it so much we left it up well through the holidays, and I guarantee you will too!

Courtesy: Family Holiday

3. Have an ugly sweater cookie decorating contest with your friends

Pick the kit up at Party City for only $8.99. Challenge yourself to come up with the ugliest sweater cookie (here’s an idea: a UF sweater) you can imagine while sipping hot cocoa with some of your favorite people. It shouldn’t take too long, so you can get right back to studying after you finish pigging out on cookies.

4. Watch a Christmas movie

Dedicate one night of finals week where you can sit back and de-stress for two hours. Grab some fluffy blankets and a cozy pair of socks and watch a holiday classic (my favorite being Bing Crosby’s White Christmas). Netflix also has come out with Hallmark-style holiday movies that I’ve already binge-watched with my mom over Thanksgiving break. Watching a movie will hopefully allow your brain to rejuvenate so it can get back to work after giving it a much-needed break.

Courtesy: Giphy

5. Create a Holiday Themed Study Playlist

Currently, I’ve been really vibing to The Nutcracker soundtrack, but if there are any holiday songs you prefer that won’t be too distracting (you don’t want to be caught Mean Girls dancing to “Jingle Bell Rock” in Stroz), go for it! One of my favorite holiday jams is “Ho Ho Hopefully” by The Maine, give it a spin!

I know it’s hard to experience the joy of the holidays with all of the daunting deadlines approaching. But, hopefully, this list will give you some ideas on how to incorporate Christmas festivities into finals week. Happy Holidays, Collegiettes!

Rebecca is a junior at FSU majoring in creative writing. She enjoys reading novels until midnight (okay, maybe 2:00 AM), binge-watching shows on Netflix, and hiking in the mountains of North Carolina.
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