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Instagram’s Favorite Halloween Looks

Halloween, the second most wonderful time of the year. It is a time for trick-or-treating, endless hours of horror films, and you guessed it, dressing up in your best costumes. When it comes to costumes, some people prefer to keep it cute and simple: dressing up as police officers, famous athletes, and referees while others prefer costumes that allow them to take a ride on the wild side and express their creativity.

Makeup plays an important role in the execution of any Halloween costume and over the last few years, there has been a shift from traditional Halloween makeup to scary Halloween makeup designs. Many makeup artists have started using special effects makeup and fake blood to create some scary looks. Now, with each passing year, it seems as if makeup artists are becoming more creative with their designs in order to surpass the success they have obtained from the looks they created the year prior. This month, Instagram has been flooded with a wide variety of trends but here are some of the most popular looks!

The Skull

Courtesy: Pinterest

The face skull look has become one of the most popular go-to makeup looks this spooky season and there are two different types of looks. First, there is the half face skull look which can either cover the lower half of the face or it can cover the left (or right) side of the face. Next, there is the full-face skull which looks more intimidating and resembles an actual skeleton.

The Unzipped Zipper

Courtesy: YouTube

Interested in making people’s skin crawl? Then, you are sure to get that reaction from people with this look. All that is needed is the Zipper FX Kit which includes the zipper, bloody scab, spirit gum and spirit gum remover. The zipper can be placed over either eye or on the center of the face add fake blood and you will have those around you shaking with fear. Some people have actually used zippers in clown makeup looks, as well as skull makeup looks.

Demon Girl

Courtesy: YouTube

Nothing screams ‘scary’ more than Satan’s little helpers. Inspired by supernatural and malevolent beings, the demon girl look may just be one the most creative Halloween looks simply because no two designs look the exact same. Some make use of black contact lenses and dark makeup while others use horns and fake blood to execute the look. 

Evil Clown

Courtesy: Pinterest

As a child, you may have developed a fear of clowns but now, it is time to conquer that fear. Inspired by clowns from every movie possible, this look right here, will have people running away from you faster than the time cities claimed to have been having ‘clown sightings.’ There are different kinds of clown looks. There is the killer clown, the creepy clown, the evil clown and the list goes on, whichever kind of clown look you decide to go for, you will surely leave a lasting impression on anyone who dares to walk your way. 


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