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Mythology has a way of connecting us to the world we live in. From the stories of the Greek gods to the ancient legends that are present in every culture, it is human nature to use these stories to understand who we are and our purpose in this universe. 

The astrology craze that is currently taking over our social media posts and conversations involve these classic stories that we consider mythology. The story of Lilith, Adam’s first wife, is one that is often left out of the conversations. While there are several variations of who Lilith is and how she plays a role in different cultures, the more well-known story describes her as the woman who left the Garden of Eden on her own accord because she refused to be subservient to Adam. She ultimately becomes the mother of all demons and her actions of refusing to be submissive are seen as “sinful” and demonized throughout most cultures. Understanding her story through a feminist lens allows us to see her as independent, bold and fierce. She used her feminine power and sexual liberation to stand up to her oppressor and assert her personal freedom. 

[bf_image id="srtj9vvvx5smgk72qsqpnxh"] According to mythology, it makes sense that the astrological sign of the Black Moon Lilith, which is named after her, represents our primitive impulses and hidden desires that we often push down to our subconscious. Unlike the more well-known astrological signs (sun, moon, rising), the Black Moon Lilith is not a planet but instead a point in our birth chart. To understand your Black Moon Lilith and those primitive impulses that reside inside us, first, we must figure out what it is. My favorite website to find out this information is Just Astrology Things. After figuring out your Black Moon Lilith, now we can learn how to use this point in your natal chart as a way of self-liberation, power and freedom.


Deep down, you might feel your aggressive nature take hold throughout certain situations. Lilith in Aries often find themselves surrounded by confrontations, but their fierceness allows them to become great leaders. They can be competitive and sometimes struggle with their egos. However, loyalty always comes before anything else.


The survival instincts of a Lilith in Taurus can take control over the decisions they make. You might feel like the only way to behave is by creating rules and restrictions, but this can cause periods of laziness and inaction. The need to care deeply for the people that are closest to you is strong, but it can also cause episodes of jealousy when your constant changes. 


Persuasion and talking are some of your greatest attributes but they can lead to lies in order to get your way. Lilith in Gemini are one of the more cunning signs but that does not mean that they spend most of their time being deceitful. They desire change in order to meet new people, lovers and opportunities. 


Selflessness tends to be your number one priority when interacting with others. Putting others first can have positive results but oftentimes, you let your feelings get in the way causing others to take advantage of you. Lilith in Cancer can react by having a passive-aggressive outburst. 


Validation from others is something the Lilith in Leo often find themselves searching for. They can often lose themselves when trying to impress others but their ability to read others allows them to get along well with several groups of people. They have a strong sense of individualism. 


This cycle of pessimistic thinking can often cause Lilith in Virgo to live a life of insecurities. Relaxing tends to be something they often struggle with because of their need to perfect their self-image. You might find that you have amazing observational and organizational skills, and they play a role in your need to be perfect. 


Similar to Leos, Lilith in Libra find themselves seeking constant validation from the people closest to them. They tend to be picky with appearances and can be seen as shallow people. Known as attention seekers, you might find yourself worrying about physical aesthetic, but you have a talent to be authentically charming and social. 


Lilith in Scorpio is the strongest because of their seductive nature. They find themselves needing stimulation both physically and mentally. Because Lilith is strongest when in Scorpio, you might find yourselves idolizing romantic relationships, but you can also be very intuitive. 


Stubbornness is a characteristic that most Lilith in Sagittarius' have. Their confidence in their beliefs and opinions on the world around them causes them to be narrow-minded of other ideas. Challenging those differentiating opinions can cause problems with others but ultimately, you need others around you as you crave to uplift people’s spirits. 


Vulnerability is something that you struggle with. Lilith in Capricorn are known to be withdrawn from showing emotion, but this can create a burden that is hard to keep up with. Ambition drives how you want to succeed but failing can cause your self-image to deteriorate. 


Being unpredictable and rebellious is something that defines a Lilith in Aquarius. Setting boundaries is a struggle that you might feel controls your life. This creates an internal conflict especially when others think differently, which causes the tendency to judge to become prominent. 


Your curiosity might make you want to explore your identity as time progresses. However, this causes Lilith in Pisces to second guess themselves and doubt if they are truly being themselves. You often find that you take criticism personally and rejection might cause a burst of intense emotion. Ultimately, your artistic nature allows you to view the world in a creative way. 

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Paula Rodriguez-Saenz is a first-year double majoring in Political Science and Creative Writing. As a storyteller, she wishes to use her words as a way to make her dreams a reality. When she is not writing, you can find her reading, being in nature, or obsessing over Harry Potter.
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