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IKEA Just Launched the Best Thing to Happen in Furniture Since Chip and Jojo

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FSU chapter.

Ikea just announced its newest line, named Lurving, which is specifically for your animals—and we are lurving it! Ikea launched their newest line on October 9, 2017, and it includes everything you and your baby (aka your pet) could ever imagine!

Their new line consists of different dog/cat products never-before-seen as it incorporates Ikea’s unique and innovative aesthetic. It has your traditional pet bed (which is mostly a big pillow), but it also has different add-ons to already made furniture. For example, it has a little den that can be inserted into some storage shelves to transform a bookshelf into a brand-new living space for your feline friend.

Cats also have the option to sleep in a traditional pet bed, a new home that stands on its own legs or a simple cushion!

“It is quite important for Ikea to have a pet range that fits into our normal furniture range. As a pet owner, I can say that so far the normal pet products are quite ugly,” Barbara Schäfer,  Product Risk Assessment Leader of Ikea said. “It is quite nice to have well designed, good quality products for this family member as well.”

That is why, in their newest line, Ikea made sure that both types of pets were well represented—designing furniture specifically for each animal. When considering the design, they considered the fact that both animals have different needs. A dog is more comfortable out in the open and wants to be close with their owner, whereas a cat, tends to be a bit more independent and likes their own space.

Ikea’s dog line consists of dog beds and blankets that are able to act as a bed once placed on a couch. The pups are able to be a part of the family while being in such open contact with Ikea’s newest products.

The line also features different types of accessories for your home and your pet’s benefit! Some of these include extendable leashes for the dogs, some classic water/food bowls, slow dispensing food dishes, placemats for the food dishes, trash bag dispenser, small pet carriers, some dog and cat toys, a scratching mat that is attachable to other pieces of furniture and a litter box!

Pets are such an important part of our family, and with Ikea’s newest line, they can now be incorporated in it more with great design!

All photos courtesy of Ikea.com

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