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If You’re Not Watching ‘Ghosted’ Already, You Should Be

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FSU chapter.

Ghosted is a brand-new sitcom turned series by FOX that premiered on Oct. 1. The series follows Leroy Wright, an ex-LAPD officer, and Max Jennifer, an ex-Stanford professor, as they’re absorbed into the world of the paranormal after they’re hired to work for the top-secret government organization, The Bureau Underground.

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Leroy Wright is played by Craig Robinson, who you most likely will recognize from shows like The Office, in which he played Darryl, and Brooklyn Nine-Nine, in which he plays Doug Judy (also known as the Pontiac Bandit). Robinson’s character in Ghosted is an ex-LAPD officer who is hired to work temporarily for the Bureau Underground while working as an average, run of the mill mall cop. This promotion comes after the last recorded words from an agent at the Bureau specifically call for his and Max Jennifer’s help to solve the case that the agent had been working on. The agent calls upon Leroy because of his amazing work on the force with the LAPD and Leroy agrees to work with the Bureau Underground initially because they promised to get him his job back on the force; however, by the end of the first episode both him and Max choose to stay with the Bureau Underground. Leroy had lost his job with the LAPD because of a call he made on duty that cost his partner his life. Throughout the course of the few episodes of the show that have aired, we’ve already seen how Leroy’s guilt for his actions is affecting his everyday life and the choices that he makes. Also, Leroy is the token skeptic of the show who only believes in the monsters and creatures that he sees with his own two eyes.

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On the flip side of Leroy, we have Max Jennifer, who is a very strong believer in all things paranormal. Max is played by Adam Scott who you most likely will recognize from his role as Ben Wyatt in Parks and Recreation. When the Bureau finds Max, he has been fired from his teaching position and is completely disgraced, unable to find another position at any other university, stuck working as a sales associate at a bookstore. Max was fired from Stanford because of his wholehearted belief that his wife had been abducted by aliens. No one believes Max, but at the end of the first episode, after the original agent on the case that Max and Leroy take over for has been kidnapped by an alien that was possessing a human, we find out that it’s possible and most likely what happened. The reason that Max was pointed out as someone who could help in the kidnapped agent’s video was his knowledge of physics and theory on the multiverse. Max agreed to work the case for the Bureau originally because they promised him that they would be able to get Max back his job at Stanford; they aren’t actually able to do this because Max is too disgraced and his belief in aliens is too widely known. So, Max agrees to work with them at the first thought of getting involved in a world he didn’t know for sure existed after working his first case.

Once Max and Leroy are legit agents in the Bureau Underground the show takes on the feel of a fun buddy cop comedy where the two partners have to learn to appreciate the other with a dash of The X-Files and a sprinkle of Saturday Night Live for good measure. It’s a fun, ridiculous ride that gives a view of the paranormal outside of that found in a CW teen drama. Ghosted currently airs Sunday nights at 8:30 p.m. on FOX and is available to stream online through the FOX network website.

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