If Pope Francis Visited FSU

Courtesy: Independent News and FSView

In case you’ve missed it, Pope Francis was in the U.S. visiting NYC and D.C. talking to Congress, visiting churches and helping the homeless - basically being the all around great guy he is. Given in an alternative universe the Pope would have visited FSU instead because we are the capital of Florida, and this is how I see things going….

Obviously, President Trasher would greet him when he arrives at Tallahassee “International” Airport. 

Courtesy: NPR

Naturally, what would follow after was a parade. That is always needed when the Pope is in town. Think homecoming, but bigger. 

Courtesy: Wikipedia

Then Pope Francis would take a break from his busy day and have lunch with the homeless; this is frequent thing Pope Francis enjoys.

Courtesy: The Daily Beast

Once fully fed, he would walk through campus and maybe play a casual game of Frisbee on Landis with some freshmen. Never underestimate your skills when you have God on your side. 

Courtesy: Hahas for Hoohas

Then Pope Francis would walk into a few classes and bless students as they were preparing to take their first test of the semester. Prayers for good grades are always accepted. 

Courtesy: Reuters

A thumbs up from the Pope is always a guaranteed "A!"

After, the Pope would stop by a few Churches and Cathedrals to hold sermons; always a must!

Courtesy: Catholic News Agency

The Pope would get to have a sit down talk with Jimbo and the football team. This way he could bless them and wish them luck moving forward.

Courtesy: Jacksonville.com and People

Also, the Pope would have his own Pope Mobile, which would be the golf cart football players get transported on, but it would have a rosary hanging and Holy water in the gold cart so it would officially be "Poped."

Courtesy: Salt and Light TV and Under Consideration

For dinner, the Pope would stop by Suwannee and eat with the freshmen because he knows they need his love the most, since it is their first year here and a few of them still frightened. 

Courtesy: Fotos Publicas and FSView

Obviously FSU would have a sold out event at Ruby Diamond for the Pope to give a speech.

Courtesy: Catholic Lane

And one of the sororities on campus will have planned a date function to the event because #SelfiesWithThePope.

Courtesy: Inquirer 

And if there were UF students in Tallahassee for the event this would be his face...

Courtesy: Oped News

Because even the Pope is a 'Nole fan! 

Then if we would be lucky enough we might even see Pope Francis at MadSo participating in the latest Trivia Night because even the Pope respects a good game of trivia.  

Courtesy: Catholic News Live and FourSquare

And the next day to celebrate him leaving all the fraternities would hold a goodbye tailgate for the Pope. Kind off like football or parents weekend tailgates, but bigger of course, because it is the Pope.

Courtesy: Everything That Rises

This would conclude the Pope’s trip to Tallahassee and after his trip here FSU would go on to win the National Championship game once more and every student would get As for the semester. #Goals

So Pope Francis if you read this, please visit the students at FSU!