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Huda Beauty Desert Dust Palette: is it Worth the Money?

I’m sure all of you makeup junkies are familiar with the gorgeous Huda Beauty Desert Dusk Palette. I’ve caught myself several times oohing and ahhing over the beautifully daring and vivid pigments in Sephora, finger painting my skin in a haphazard sparkling rainbow (and perhaps drooling with desire). Everything from the packaging to the range of sunset tones is breathtaking. But at $65.00, this palette is NOT cheap. That being said, I was #Blessed enough to receive it as my birthday present (thank you SO MUCH mom!) and decided to share my gift with you all by testing out how life-changing the Huda Beauty Desert Dusk Palette actually is.

Courtesy: Curler’s ‘N Coffee


First, we should start out with what this palette claims to do. The packaging claims the product is “high pigmented” and “easy to blend,” containing “18 eyeshadows in four ready-to-layer textures: eight buttery mattes, six pressed pearls, three duo-chrome toppers, one daring glitter. Mix and layer textures to create your own look. Dab the toppers on the center or all over your lids for a shiny pop. Layer an extra coat using your fingers for an extreme iridescent effect. Apply pure glitter all over your eyes with a firm flat brush to give your look a playful hint of shine.” To be honest, it took me A WHILE to finally dig into this beautiful palette and play around with the daring colors. You can ask anyone: my roommates, my best friend, even my boyfriend, I was hesitant to ruin its pure perfection. But when I eventually caved in, I discovered a mine full of vibrant gems.

I used the shade “Desert Sand” as a base color and was already pleasantly surprised by the lack of fallout. I moved on to the crease by using “Eden” which has an amazing peach tint, then layered “Blazing” to create a sunset ombre effect. Make sure to blend for that perfect airbrushed look! Again, I was so amazed by the lack of fallout and the major pigmentation of these shades. To deepen the look, I mixed “Oud” and “Saffron” in the corner of the crease. For the center of the lid, I put down a base of “Blood Moon” and then applied the shade everyone falls in love with, “Cosmo.” This color did get a bit messy, but it is a glitter so that can be expected. To fix the mess, just brush away the excess glitter with a fluffy powder brush. To finish off the look, I dabbed “Nefertiti” on the inner corner of my eye and along the brow bone. This look was simply stunning. I forced my boyfriend to watch the making of this art and even he was impressed. Unfortunately, I did not take any article worthy pictures.

Now, for the review portion: this palette was AMAZING! It completely blew my mind away. These colors blended together so well, they practically melted into each other. The mattes of the palette were so buttery and had such little fallout. The glitters and pressed pearls were spectacularly sparkly and could be wet to create more drama! With 18 shades of flexibility and flirty fun, I would recommend this palette to anyone willing to spend the money. (Of course, you can put it on your birthday wish list like me, just expect it to be the only present received!) This stunning palette delivers everything promised. The Huda Beauty Desert Dusk Palette is DEFINITELY worth the hype!

Rebecca is a junior at FSU majoring in creative writing. She enjoys reading novels until midnight (okay, maybe 2:00 AM), binge-watching shows on Netflix, and hiking in the mountains of North Carolina.
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