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How You Should Spend Valentine’s Day Based On Your Favorite ‘Gossip Girl’ Character

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FSU chapter.

With Valentine’s Day coming up around the corner, many of us are wondering how we should spend the holiday. Whether you believe that this day is fiercely overhyped, or you’re a die-hard fan of everything it stands for, planning what to do and who to spend it with can be overwhelming, to say the least. This is why if you’re a fan of the CW’s hit show Gossip Girl, we are here to tell you exactly how to celebrate Valentine’s Day based on your favorite character.

Let’s start out with the one and only Blair Waldorf. Blair Waldorf, played by Leighton Meester, was an iconic role model, personality and fictional character on Gossip Girl. Known for her heightened sense of fashion, critical taste in pastimes and never-ending ambitious attitude, it is safe to say that Blair Waldorf knows how to handle her business and look impeccably while doing it.

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If your favorite character is Ms. Waldorf, here’s how you should spend the day. First, you should make sure that all of your personal or professional business is taken care of prior to the day. With Valentine’s Day falling on a Sunday this year, it might get tricky to balance a full day of celebration with the Sunday Scaries. If Blair knew she had a full day planned, she would make sure she had all her responsibilities in order. Next, you should spend it spoiling yourself in every way you deserve this year. Don’t be afraid to remind yourself that you are simultaneously surviving a pandemic while being either a full-time student or employee. This is something to acknowledge and reward by giving yourself the love and attention you deserve. In Blair’s world, this would look like taking yourself out for a nice brunch whether it be by yourself or with any loved ones, going shopping with friends throughout the day—definitely not holding back on the credit card spending—and maybe even treating yourself to a much-needed spa day, with macarons of course! No matter if you are in a relationship or were planning on spending the day with the ones you love, make sure to return the love to yourself by spoiling you because you deserve it!

Next, if you’re a fan favorite of the notorious Serena van der Woodson, played by Blake Lively, there is an abundance of exciting and adventurous day plans waiting for you. Serena is known for her free spirit and wild adventures throughout the show, which is why if her character is your favorite, you should channel that same energy on this day—while staying COVID-safe, of course. If you have special people in mind that you want to celebrate with, don’t be afraid to suggest doing something out of the ordinary—something you guys would never think of doing on a normal weekend. You could have a themed day out where you dress according to the theme and try out new foods and restaurants. Or, if you aren’t looking to be in public as much, you could make each other new specialty drinks and taste tests throughout the day (if you’re 21 and over). If not, you can make mocktails with the same intentions and see which ones are best. This follows Serena’s courageous character and makes your day new and exciting.

Now, if your favorite characters fall between Chuck Bass and Nate Archibald, played by Ed Westwick and Chace Crawford respectively, there’s a wide variety of how you could spend the day. Chuck and Nate are reputable for hosting parties and making the most of all events they attend. They also know how to make a long-lasting impression that will be remembered. Therefore, if you and the people you love have been staying safe and are not at risk for COVID, you could host a small gathering that entails fun games, food and entertainment. This could look something like board games with some drinks, playing charades, or cooking food together and enjoying everyone in a social setting. Not to mention, you could turn on a classic movie, play or series that everyone will enjoy and bond over. As fan favorites of these characters, you should make sure that you are able to host a safe and exciting social hangout!

Lastly, if your favorite character in the show is Dan Humphrey, played by Penn Badgley, it’s clear how you should spend the day, regardless of if you had plans to spend it with someone or alone. Dan Humphrey, from day one, has been known for his love of writing, reading and all artistic journeys. This could look like digging up classic romantic novels that you have not read in a long time, or ever! Moreover, if you had plans to spend the day with people or a special someone, you could suggest watching passionate movies that remind you why the day exists in the first place. If you are looking for something more historical and lyrical, you could seek to watch musicals or plays that hold a unique place in your heart. These activities will allow your inner Dan Humphrey to shine through, and not to mention, you will be able to diverge into the experience of classic love tales.

Even if you choose not to participate in any specific Gossip Girl character-related activities on this day, make sure to put yourself first and show yourself some love. This unprecedented year has brought many trials and tribulations upon us, and throughout it all, you have managed to get to this day, and that alone is something to celebrate.

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Jacqueline Kowalewski is a second-year Finance Major at Florida State University. She enjoys swimming, painting, and quality time with friends. Jacqueline is a new member of Her Campus and is excited about all the upcoming possibilities.
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