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How to Throw a Rocking ‘Bachelor’ Viewing Party

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FSU chapter.

The approaching end of a season of The BachelorThe Bachelorette or everyone’s personal favorite, Bachelor in Paradise means the long-awaited finale. It’s a reason to celebrate. You’ve lasted another season of The Bachelor and so has the Bachelor himself (well, hopefully). Don’t celebrate by yourself. Throw the greatest, and not the most dramatic (TM Chris Harrison), Bachelor viewing party for you and your gang, whether that be your girlfriends, boyfriends, mom or sister.

Play Bingo

I can’t guarantee Bingo will keep the drama out. Somehow a game that requires no skill ends up being competitive. But it’s Bingo. BachelorBingo. It’s going to be great. Here’s a bingo sheet to get you started. A quick web search will bring up more sheets that are customized for what season you are watching. 

Whoever wins gets a rose. 


Pick up some roses at your neighborhood grocery and either give them to each of your guests or use them as prizes for Bingo. Just be sure to have enough roses if you’re planning to give everyone a rose. Nobody wants Chris Harrison to appear apologizing they didn’t get a rose.

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You can also invest in fake rose petals to use as decoration. Fill candle holders with them or scatter them over end tables. Be sure to set out framed pictures of the Bachelor and the remaining girls. Light some candles and you’ll feel like you’re at a rose ceremony. If you have food set out, use the petals to decorate the table around the food. 


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When we go to someone else’s house, we’re going to want food, but we’re not going to want to ask for it, so make everyone feel comfortable by putting food out. You can go as simple as pretzels or chips and dip, or you can take it a step farther and go with a cake. 

A tradition of mine is to make chocolate-covered Oreos. All you need is a package of Oreos and melting chocolate. After you dip them, be sure to give them time to harden in your fridge by making them in the morning or the night before. For a fun addition, pour some pink and red sprinkles on top.

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Let’s face it, the Bachelor is a weird show, but it’s about finding love. What’s more romantic than chocolate-covered strawberries? Or chocolate-covered anything?  

Cocktail Party

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The cocktail party. It’s an integral part of the show. It’s the girls’ or guys’ last chance to talk to the Bachelor or Bachelorette before the Rose Ceremony. If you’re of the legal drinking age in your country, bring out the champagne and rosé. 

Don’t forget to say, “Cheers.”

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Fun Additions

Courtesy: Not So Cli-Shéa

Let your guests show who they’re rooting for with these fun straws! #ForeverteamNick This is also a great way to show your guests how crafty you are, and if you aren’t, well, it’s a great way to let your guests see that you at least try. 


Courtesy: Brook du jour

Take the straw idea a step farther and put the faces of the cast on top of red velvet cupcakes. The cupcakes will taste great even when you’re crying as your favorite girl or guy is being sent home.

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Set up a photo booth for you and your guests to take pictures with their roses and cupcakes. For a laugh, print out the faces of the cast.

Have fun throwing a fantastic Bachelor viewing party, and tweet @HCFloridaState pictures of your party. We can’t wait to see what you’ll create. 

Mikaela Bender is an Editing, Writing, and Media student at FSU. She partners with Wattpad as one of their Wattpad Stars. Her story, Expiration Date, is currently in the process of becoming a digital pilot for the SYFY Network.
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