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How The Subtle Cheek Glow Got Out of Control

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FSU chapter.

The highlighter trend completely blew up in the makeup world in 2016, and it hasn’t stopped progressing since then. From natural, warm glow highlighter, to colored highlighter such as pink and purple, now to many colors in a single highlighter, this trend has taken us all into its captivity. The most popular place we’ve seen the insanity over highlighter is on Instagram. If a girl doesn’t make sure her highlight is 100% poppin’ in her selfies, you know she’s probably living under a rock. I mean, even if she’s not wearing highlighter, there has to be an app for that.

Courtesy: Chaos Makeup


Kylie Jenner’s makeup line quickly jumped on the highlighter train when she launched her line of Kylighter in late February. It has quickly stolen she show from her original hit, the Kylie Lip Kits. So far she has only released natural warm tones, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see wild mushroom or lemon sorbet on the cheeks of young girls across America next month.

Anastasia Beverly Hills made the colored highlighter trend get so out of control in the first place. Their palettes, such as the Moon Child glow kit, have featured shades of blue and purple highlighters, also blowing up our Instagram feeds.

When I thought highlighters couldn’t get any more ridiculous, rainbow highlighters became a thing and I was proved wrong. I blame Jeffree Star for this one (I blame Jeffree for many weird makeup trends). His eccentric, yet positive review of the Prism Highlighter from Bitter Lace Beauty had over three million hits, and inspired makeup addicts everywhere to invest in rainbow highlighter palettes.

Courtesy: YouTube


You can swipe the rainbow across your cheeks so that every color from red to purple will show in order. YouTube makeup blogger, Tati, does not like this method of wearing the rainbow highlighter at all. She prefers to swirl all of the colors together for a shimmery, icy look, demonstrated in this video.

Personally, I am in denial that rainbow highlighter is a thing, so I don’t own one yet. I will probably buy a cheap one eventually, like the Wet N Wild Color Icon Rainbow Highlighter if it ever comes back into stock, just to see what all the hype is about. I don’t see myself wearing a rainbow on my face everyday, but sometimes I surprise myself.   

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