How to Prepare for “Talloween” This Year

Whether you’re a freshman and don’t know it yet or a senior who’s seen the pathetic belligerency too many times, you have to start preparing for Halloween in Tallahassee far in advance. I would say it’s safe to begin in September. The main reason that you need to prepare early is the fact that you will probably be going out all seven nights of “Talloweek” (do only freshmen call it this now?). 

Don’t think you can handle it? You will have at least one friend who needs to go to every fraternity’s crush because the guy she hooked up with last weekend hasn’t texted her back and needs to see how hot she looks as a bunny. It might be your big, your roommate or that girl you want as your little, so you can’t disappoint her. Either way, your job in college is to be the wingwoman that you would want your friends to be to you. So that’s that- you’re going out every night of the week.

Courtesy: Ashley Ferraro

The main thing you need to do is plan your outfits.  Maybe seven nights is a bit of an exaggeration, but you’re going to need at least five costumes. The good news is that you probably have most of the contents of your costume without even knowing it. Have a black and white striped shirt? Just go out and buy a cheap whistle and you’re a referee. Have a pink skirt? Pair it with a pink top (bonus points if it’s sparkly) and you’re a Barbie. Ever been to a festival? You can throw something you already have together and be a raver or a gypsy. What about your big little outfits from last year or however many years deep you’re in?

By now you might’ve already torn apart your room and blown through (or lost) everything you own, but the best news is that your friends, especially if they’re older than you, have plenty of costumes for you to borrow. From big/little, to waltzes every week, to past Halloweens, you can borrow just about anything.  Also, there’s always the fair system of trading. What your big wears on Monday, you wear on Tuesday. Just make sure not to take pictures both nights, but we both know that’s impossible, so just try not to Instagram them.

Courtesy: Ashley Ferraro

If you think your past Halloweens have been rough, don’t forget that this year, Halloween is on the same weekend as the Clemson game (which is a home game, by the way), check the schedule. Since Miami is an away game this year, Clemson will definitely be the biggest home game of the season. Let’s see if we can outdo Halloween on Parent’s Weekend last year (I’ll miss mooching shots from drunk dads).

The most important part of preparation for Halloween Week is getting all of your school work done ahead of time, or just mentally preparing yourself for failure. Don’t feel too bad about missing your classes and failing quizzes, most of us are taking the "L" that week so it’ll even out in the end.