How to Prepare for a Friend's Visit to Your College

Let’s be honest, college is awesome, especially during fall semester. There are football games, tailgates, etc. It is even more awesome when your friends from home come visit you for a weekend. They may be coming because they are playing your school in a certain sport or just because they want to see you! It is such an exciting feeling to see your friends and have them see a part of your new and current everyday lifestyle. However, panic sets in when you realize you have to make sure your friend or group of friends have a great time. It can be very overwhelming to be the host, so here is how you can prepare for the stress of having friends from out of town visit your college:

1. Plan to do your homework ahead of time.

You have to plan when you are going to get your assignments done (and hopefully BEFORE your friends come because you will be exhausted when they leave.)

2. Figure out your weekend outfits beforehand.

Plan your outfits for the events beforehand since you will want to focus on doing your makeup/ hair or helping your friends figure out what the students normally wear on nights out or game days at your school. This will save you so much time and stress.

3. Clean your room.

You want to make sure your room is clean so your friends have room to get ready and have a place to sleep. (It’s important to make sure you figure out where everyone will be sleeping beforehand as well.

4. Plan your weekend.

This is a fun but also a slightly stressful part. You will want to talk this out with your friends, also. If they want to go to the football game, be sure to get them tickets or have them buy tickets before. Plan what bars, parties or restaurants you will be going to every night and have back up plans if things do not go as planned. It is crucial to figure out if your friends feel comfortable being around drinking or not. If not, then plan to show them cool places such as museums or parks in your town!

5. Make sure YOU are having fun.

This is something I have learned the hard way. I would always put my friends first when they came to visit and I ended up so overwhelmed and stressed and did not have a good time. Your friends are here to have fun at your college but they are here for you primarily. Make sure you go places that you are comfortable with and have a fun time at. Your friends will be able to tell if you are not having a good time and that will put a damper on their time visiting as well. So, remember that you need to have fun first and foremost, that will spill over and they will have a great time too.

6. Take safety precautions.

My last tip is to remember to be safe. Your friends do not want to come visit and remember waking up in a hospital. Be sure to have fun but make sure your friends are being safe. Have your friends add you on Find Friends beforehand so if you lose anyone, you will have their location. You also want to be sure you all eat and drink enough water throughout the day. Even if you personally are not hungry, be aware of your friends, some may be too shy to say something to you. Keep an eye on them at all times so you are sure they are okay. It is a terrible idea to let any of your friends go home with a stranger, be very careful.

Ultimately, have an awesome time and be sure to stay safe!


Courtesy: iHeartRadio