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How To Make the Most Of Group Projects


The days of group projects will be a distant memory in college, but like most collegiate stereotypes this is not true. For some reason professors love the idea of a timely, near-the-end of semester, collaboration of procrastinating college undergrads. And there is no better way to jeopardize your grade than for it to be dependent on the knowledge and participation of your peers. Here’s how to the make the most of it:                                                                                                                 


Make Communication a Priority

There is no bigger disaster than arranging to meet at the Starbucks on Tennessee St.  at 7pm with your group members in class, then half of them going to the wrong Starbucks and showing up at 8pm. Exchange numbers and add your group members on Facebook, you may feel like a stalker at first but it will be worth it when everyone is on  the same page and can promptly respond to issues.


Plan Ahead                                  


Being a FSU Seminole might let being a chief go to your head, but with all chiefs and no Indians brainstorming can be unproductive. That’s why organizing your ideas and planning ahead is essential to success in a group project.  Having everything together before you meet up can save a lot of time and energy in the long run.


Be Friendly


Of course your professor gave you the added displeasure of assigning groups. But there are definitely ways this can be beneficial to you. Once you’re out of your comfort zone, you can see the perspective of someone you may not normally talk to. In addition, your taking a class with these people so you must have something in common.  You never know what cool internships or extracurriculars they may be involved in, that appeal to you.


In the end, everyone has the same goal when it comes to group projects, share the work and get a good grade.  The path to getting there may not always be smooth but you can make it a lot less bumpy with these tips. 

Jazmyn is an enthusiast of books, thrifting, Netflix, and music. She is a Senior majoring in Editing, Writing, and Media and has a lot of #goals including to be Beyonce'.
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