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Original photo by Victoria Lynn Cardoso

How Has COVID-19 Affected the Life of a Sorority Girl?

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FSU chapter.

This week I have decided to interview one of my fellow colleagues from the best girl gang out there. Meet Victoria Cardoso, a writer at Her Campus and a sister from Alpha Chi Omega, a PanHellenic chapter at FSU. I had the pleasure of getting to know a little better Victoria and learn how her life has been “affected” since COVID-19.

HerCampus (HC): Hi Victoria, tell us a little bit about yourself?

Victoria Cardoso (VC): Hi! I’m a sophomore majoring in Pre-Editing, Writing and Media! I recently did an internship at Disney, which is currently my biggest flex, and I love to read!

HC: How and when did you decide to rush Alpha Chi?

VC: I decided to rush Freshman year because I wanted the “traditional” college experience. During rush, I realized maybe sorority life isn’t for me, so I dropped from the process. A couple of months later, I was invited by Alpha Chi to participate in COB (continuous open bidding). I had dinner with some of the girls and felt really comfortable and as cheesy as it sounds, I felt home so I decided to join Alpha Chi!

HC: What does Alpha Chi Omega mean to you and what is your favorite part about being in it?

VC: To me, Alpha Chi is a place where you are embraced and celebrated for being yourself. I have met some of the sweetest and accepting people in my sorority and I couldn’t be more grateful. My favorite part about being in my sorority is seeing my friends basically every day and always having someone to lean on. I also love how Alpha Chi is so diverse and has so many different women from different backgrounds with different interests.

Victoria with sisters-sorority
Original photo by Victoria Lynn Cardoso

HC: Present day, what is your usual day in Alpha Chi?

VC: I don’t live in the sorority house, but my friends and I go there for meals almost every day. We also have small sisterhood events such as pumpkin painting and charcuterie board night with limited guests in different shifts, due to COVID-19.

HC: How much do you feel that Alpha Chi has changed since the pandemic? How did you girls handle all the new sanitary impositions?

VC: It’s changed our schedule for sure but has not changed the bonds we have made since day one. Although we cannot have date functions or sisterhood retreats, we still have a chance to see each other and be around each other’s company while also taking safety precautions. Since we are limited to a certain amount of people in the house, there are signups for lunch and dinner at different times, so every girl has a chance to enjoy her meal. We also have to wash or sanitize our hands every time we enter and leave the house. I wouldn’t say it was something we had to “handle,” but something that had to be added to our routine.

HC: Tell us how was your rushing experience compared to the rushing experience of the new girls?

VC: Since I did not really have the traditional rush experience either, I still got to hear from new members on their experience. A few told me they felt more comfortable on-screen than they would have in person because of safety measures. Others considered waiting another year in hopes it will be in person, but in the end, they ended up finding their home. I think everyone has their doubts during recruitment no matter if it’s online or in-person, but for the most part, there was a huge difference considering our new members did not get to run home in the “traditional” way but were still celebrated on bid day.

HC: Has the pandemic stopped you girls from accomplishing your goals?

VC: I don’t believe so at all. As said before, we cannot have the traditional events we have every year, but our executive board works their hardest to still have events in safety measures and give the new members the best experience they can.

HC:  Finally, do you have any advice for girls interested in rushing Alpha Chi Omega?

VC: That one quirk or hobby that makes you different, makes you stand out! Alpha Chi is filled with so many different types of amazing women that celebrate each other every day. Again, I’m going to sound cheesy, but be yourself!

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Basiliki Kosmas is originally from Panama City, Panama. She is double majoring in Finance & Criminology at Florida State University.
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